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    What do we do at MLB?

    With scott off the market with the Jets and the rest of the market looking kind of dim, what do we do now as far as MLB goes?

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    Re: What do we do at MLB?

    Ray Lewis anyone??

    An instant leader who i'd rather have then B.Scott

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    Re: What do we do at MLB?

    Lewis is too expensive for what the Rams are trying to do.
    Jonathan Vilma maybe?

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    Re: What do we do at MLB?

    I think it all depends on Pace. If Pace stays then we could go after a LB in the first round and take a tackle in the second. If he goes however is when it gets interesting. That means we need to take a tackle round 1. If we take a tackle at round one, we need to evaluate who we think will be there for linebackers in round 2. I am not really seeing us finding a solution to our MLB situation in free agency.

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    UKRamsFan1981 Guest

    Re: What do we do at MLB?

    I'd like the Rams to try and add at least one LB in FA to give us options in the draft, the problem is I don't see too many viable options for 4-3 MLBs so why not go out and get someone like Angelo Crowell to play SLB? The guy can do it all, has plenty of gas in the tank and providing his knee checks out would be a great signing as he shouldn't break the bank.

    I'm guessing we are going to go into the draft needing a MLB and a OT in the first two rounds which isn't a bad situation to be in as we would get one of the best OTs in the first and there is usually value in the second for LBs. I can quite easily see the Rams drafting Monroe at #2 and then grabbing Laurinaitus in the second round as I've got a feeling he is going to slide.


    ^ How does that look?

    I would love for the Rams to come out of FA with Brown, Butler, Fields and Crowell and also find a way to re-sign Bartell.
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