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    What I would do this offseason...

    I like the direction the Rams have taken so far, and this is what I would do this offseason. If the pieces fell like this, I'd be VERY pleased. These are just the bigger moves, more important picks in the draft, etc.

    Don't resign Alex Barron, he's useless, drop him. Also, lets let Leonard Little walk, unless he's willing to sign a cheep deal and be a rotational guy.

    Sign OJ to a long term deal.

    Sign Derrick Johnson (OLB from KC) and play him weak side, this is what he played in college and he excelled, he's young and was misused, he shouldn't be ridiculously expensive.

    Draft (obviously player rankings change, this is what I'd do based on a 7 round mock draft a saw today:

    1.01- Suh (DT)- best player available, fills a need, beast.
    2.01- Trent Williams (OT)- good enough and big enough to play RT
    3.01- Corey Wooten (DE)- excellent pass rusher and physical specimen
    4.01- Dan LeFevour (QB)- will sit behind Bulger/Null for a year, but has high upside despite being from a smaller school
    5.01- Dexter McCluster (WR)- will play from the slot, undersized but a playmaker, Percy Harvin Lite.
    PHI 5th rounder- Best OLB, CB, OG (depth)
    6.01- Best OLB, CB, OG (depth)
    7.01- Best OLB, CB, OG (depth)
    ATL 7th rounder- Best OLB, CB, OG (depth)

    So, next year, we'd start something like:

    QB- Bulger/ Null
    RB- S-Jax
    FB- Karney
    WR- Avery, Robinson, McCluster
    TE- Fells
    T- Jason Smith, Trent Williams
    OG- Bell, Greco
    C- Brown

    DE- Long, Wooten
    DT- Carricker, Suh
    OLB- Johnson, Vobora
    MLB- Laurinatuis
    CB- Bartell, Whoever wins the job at camp
    SS- Butler
    FS- Otagwe

    This is an ok offense (not great, but not completely terrible) with a much improved D. Our line will be the strong point of this team, which should help the run game and the pass game. QB's shouldn't have a lot of time to throw the ball leading to picks and over/under throws. Running games should be stopped with our great line and LB's should be freed up to make plays. This looks like about a 4-7 win team to me.

    Then, the year after, via FA and the draft, address the CB1 or 2 (depending where you value Bartell), OLB (replace Vobora, not a starter quality LB) and possible OG, TE, WR, SS. Hand the reigns over to LeFevour and become respectable again starting:

    QB- LeFevour
    RB- S-Jax
    WR- Avery, Robinson, McCluster
    TE- Fells/Someone Else
    T- Jason Smith, Trent Williams
    G- Jacob Bell/Someone Else, John Greco/Someone Else
    C- Jason Brown

    DE- Long, Wooten
    DT- Carricker, Suh
    OLB- Johnson, Someone Else
    MLB- Laurinatuis
    CB- Bartell, Someone Else
    SS- James Butler/ Someone Else
    FS- Otagwe

    This should be a 6-10 win team and should be enough improvement that Spags keeps his job and we become a force for the next few years.

    Thoughts? I feel that the Rams have a bunch of really solid depth players thrust into starting roles, but not a lot of legitimate talent. I think if we keep the solid players we have as depth and draft talent and sign FA's intelligently, we should be well on our way to a great squad.

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    While your first three picks are good for the team, they are next to impossible in happening. I've seen mocks with both Mr. Williams and Mr. Wooten going in the first round.

    As far as Little is concerned, I would bring him back if he wants to play no matter what the price. We're going to have a ton of cap space next year, and I can't imagine we sign him for more than a one year contract, so why not? He's proven this year that he can still play at a pretty high level, and bringing him in situationally would allow him to keep healthy.

    I like the Derrick Johnson pickup. Is he going to be a FA this offseason?

    Nice mock all together though

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    Nice work, rams_man! As someone who loves to do these offseason mocks, I can appreciate the work that went into it.

    I'm fine with dropping Barron. I've been critical of him for a while, and I actually thought he'd have a better year this season given that a contract was on the line. I don't think he'll ever get things together here, if anywhere. We can sign someone else better suited for the right side if we need to, though I'd be curious to see how Greco does there if he's not going to become a starter at guard.

    Derrick Johnson is an intriguing free agent name. Really, I think he could man either outside LB position. He has the size that Spagnuolo likes in his linebackers (or at least the size he's had success with) and he's probably looking to get out of KC and back into a starting line-up somewhere. I doubt he'd break the bank as well, so good job including him.

    Right now, I think the chances of both Williams and Wootton being there in the second and third rounds respectively are pretty slim. In my December mock, I had both of them in the first round (top 15 as well, I believe); if Williams is viewed purely as a right tackle, he may slip to the second, but I'm not sure Wootton lasts into the third. Furthermore, I kind of wonder if he isn't a strong side end like Chris Long.

    LeFevour in the fourth is probably a good value pick, but I worry about him as a pro prospect. I want to see how his arm looks in workouts this offseason, as I question whether he's strong enough to make all the NFL throws. Maybe that's a concern that's minimized in our system since it's more short passes, but you've still got to be able to hit some deep in this league.

    I'm not sure how I feel about McCluster. Clearly the guy knows how to make plays in a variety of roles, but I think he's a bit of a project as a receiver at the next level. You wonder how many pro routes he's had to run in that Ole Miss offense, and how well/quickly he'll transition to the next level. I think he'd probably be a good option on some of those WR quick screens we like to run, but I can't help but wonder if there wouldn't be a better option at receiver earlier on, maybe in the second or third.

    All in all, good work though! I like the way you're thinking with a lot of these moves!

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    Sign Derrick Johnson (OLB from KC) and play him weak side, this is what he played in college and he excelled, he's young and was misused, he shouldn't be ridiculously expensive.
    Nice pickup. Very doable and logical IMO.

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    Great work... but with $35 million in cap space I hope we sign more players than OJ and Johnson in Free Agency.

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    I think Wooten would be a steal in the 3rd as well, but I really haven't looked too much at valuing prospects. I took a 7 round mock draft someone did on another forum and looked at who was available when we picked and went from there.

    Should Trent Williams and Wooten both have a second round grade, I think we would be wise to take Wooten and I'm sure we could find a RT in the first pick of the third round (not far from where the Vikings selected Loadholt last season). I think this is largely dependent on where Trent Williams projects to play. If he is projected as a LT, then he'll be highly regarded, but if questions come up about his footwork (like Loadholt), he (or a LT who is more likely a RT) should be there for us in the 3rd. We could also consider packaging our 3rd and extra 5th rounder to move into the mid second and nab both of them, should their stocks fall slightly.

    I like this route because it addresses the lines on both sides of the ball. It makes us young and very good in the trenches which is necessary for success in this league. Also, it doesn't attempt to fix everything at once, we start by solidifying the lines and getting our QB of the future and another playmaker to groom. Then we solidify the rest of the D the next year, plug in the QB whose started the pro development process and go from there.

    As for the other topics of interest:

    Derrick Johnson: Yes, he's a free agent and there is no way he will resign in KC after loosing his starting job. The problem there wasn't talent, it was system. He played weakside at Texas in college and was a tackling machine and also had the best technique stripping the ball I've ever seen. I have always been a fan of his and I think he'd be a HUGE upgrade working with Spags and beside James. He's got amazing size and good speed and putting him behind our soon to be great d-line would really show it off.

    Little: Like I said, if the price is right and he wouldn't mind playing in a rotational role, then I would support signing him so he could finish his career off as a Ram. He'd have to know that we are going in a younger direction and he's not going to be a center piece any longer. If he embraces that and works with the young guys well, I will take that not a problem.

    LeFevour: Is one of my favorite lower ranked QB prospects in this draft. I think that his school has let him fly somewhat under the radar, but I do think he will look good in workouts. I almost hope he doesn't though, that way we can nab him, let him sit for a year and then unleash him. He'd be a very good WCO QB, accurate, decent size, decent arm and probably the best leadership ability in this draft outside of Tebow.

    McCluster: Yes, you are correct, he's not a polished route runner, he's super fast, but hasn't run pro style routes, he probably will have trouble with that in the pros... those sound like the same knocks that Percy Harvin and Mike Crabtree had on them. These types of players do succeed in the NFL, and I'm not saying Dexter has the same talent level, but he is a versatile weapon and can make plays. You can teach routes, you can't teach agility, speed and play making ability.

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    Re: What I would do this offseason...

    I like it but I think we do a lot more than just 2 signings for free agency...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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