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    What if the rams traded picks after 1st rd. ??

    We keep on the debate of tradeing our pick or tradeing down some but only so far . And i agree with that . i would like to get C.LONG on this team and it isn't a secret and hasn't been for a long time .

    BUT , what about after that. what about movin down a little in the 2nd or 3rd or so . just 1-2 extra picks in the 2-5 rds would be just what this team needs .

    This could be a turnaround year and very well should be , with the change in the owners family , and so far the end of some very storied careers this week , the RAMS have the ability to grab the #2 pick and manouver around a little bit to pick up valueable extra picks in the 2nd or later . this should be a goal to get at least 11 drafted players .

    IF we get COMP picks this year , that's good for us to grab some depth and developement players , but like i said if i slid the RAMS a few extra picks let's just say the rams move down 8 spaces in the 2nd round and get a extra4th rd pick and if we move back maybe 10 spaces in the 3rd , we get another 4th .

    the RAMS need to do this to build up the chances of getting quality drafties and the better chance of scoring good players . i would like the rams to pull in at least 11 drafties and more surprises would be o.k as long as it's in our favor .

    Thanks for your support.
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