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    Re: A what if scenario with the Chiefs....

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    I was talking about moving a player who had to gain weight to move inside, something he had not played in college.
    But he DID, tx. He played everywhere on the Huskers line, including their shifts from 4-3 to 3-4 and back. And he did so between 290 and 295. It's not like he was a 265 lb'er in college.

    As for the trade, yes, he would make an outstanding 3-4 DE. But the "IF" in "if not for the salary cap" is too big to get over.

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    Re: A what if scenario with the Chiefs....

    Geez, can't even give a what if scenario in the offseason anymore without being overtook with minute details.

    I hate the frickin offseason. I was just saying it might be interesting if he played DE but if all you GM/Scouts/Player Personnel experts don't think so then fine. He can't. He can't DE. I got it. We drafted an average DE, moved him to play an average DT, and now stuck with a tweener.

    Got it.
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    Re: A what if scenario with the Chiefs....

    Hey Tex

    I like your idea! That line would sure stop the run during running situations.
    L-DE Carriker DT Brace DT Ryan R-DE Long

    I would like to see Rams draft in the 3rd round Gilbert (DT) San Jose St to play L-DE for the Rams..

    The Rams need to build a great D-line again like the fearsome foursome.

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    Re: A what if scenario with the Chiefs....

    I love this board. I love the people, and especially I love the direct rudeness that football fans can all display from time to time. Sometimes it comes across as a nagging bug that lashes out with direct non-forgivingness (BRM) and sometimes it comes across as a direct call-out. Today, we get the latter of the two.

    Well my dear friend, "condescending" as that may have almost been, you seem to make the random and perhaps oh so frequent mistake of not reading past what your eyes are wanting to see.

    Oh wait, what's this, part of

    This is what I like to call a..."safeguard," if you may. This means that pretty much, what I am stating is purely for play, and that all of this is, as you say, "BS" anyways. That the people who make more than you and I will make in our entire lives in a single NFL season will make the decisions because they are just plain smarter than we are, and know the situations better, will make their decisions for themselves. So here goes;

    "5) Speculation is speculation. That is what this comes down to, and that is all that people care about. All the mock drafts, all the trade rumors. I understand that it is the off-season/pre-season, and so should you all. We have nothing else to talk about, so all this conversation comes up. But really, you think that with stuff like this, the people who make tens and hundreds of millions of dollars a year wouldn't make sure a good fit was a good fit? If someone is more suited for a different position, and the team can afford to get them to that spot, they will be moved to a different position. It gets the team more wins, sells more tickets, makes the team more money, and puts more money into their greedy wallets. They spend millions to make sure these things happen, so us talking about it is probably the least bit beneficial, when they know what they are doing. "

    So, when you want to come across as a "BS" throwing monkey, maybe you should show the same respect to me that I display to everyone. Sure people bicker and argue points, but going into immediate self-defense mode and retaliating with statements like that...I dunno, it doesn't matter, and life goes on.

    And as much as you feel I was being "condescending", maybe you should just think about this.

    What is the real difference between a cornerback and a wide receiver? Aside from a specific player, what is the real difference.

    It's simple. One knows the route. Period.

    You can argue that a wide receiver has better hands (speculation), and you can argue that a wide receiver is faster (speculation), but in the end, what if the cornerback just likes to be allowed to hit people? He gets to run like a receiver, gets to jump for passes like a receiver, but gets to deliver punishment unlike a receiver.

    Most football players could play another position, but they will end up playing what they (want to play/is best for them). And if and when and buts and what ifs don't matter.


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