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    snowbozo21 Guest

    What a Joke!

    All over the internet every idiot has the rams picking quentin moses as DE for a first round pick. That really pisses me off. He isn't even that good. He had a nice season last year but just ok this year. If the rams draft a DE in the first round it will be Jamaal Anderson not Quentin Moses. And for some stupid reason people think we need an OLB when we already two of the best in football. IMO whitherspoon is not a middle linebacker I don't care what Haslett says. They're wasting his talent if they keep him there. Just venting my frustration with the stupidity of some people. go rams!

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    Re: What a Joke!

    keep in mind that kipper has jamaal anderson as 5th i believe on his big board, ahead of alan branch AND gaines adams. I would love to have him on the rams.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: What a Joke!

    I think we address DE through free agency and the other defensive positions through the draft.

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    Re: What a Joke!

    Quote Originally Posted by snowbozo21 View Post
    I don't care what Haslett says.
    Well, you should care, because Haslett says Witherspoon isn't going anywhere, meaning the Rams need another OLB.

    It's fine to agree or disagree, but please refrain from calling someone else's opinion stupid or labeling them an idiot.


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