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    What should expectations be for a first round draft pick at WR?

    We have all been waiting for the Quick experiment (2nd round pick, small D2 school) to gain some much needed production. The upcoming draft is supposedly WR strong. I have read on this site that it is too much to expect a first year guy to really blossom at WR. Takes a few years. So, if we do draft a WR in first round, is there anybody out there that will be the number one guy from outset in anyone's mind? Can we get by without a true number 1 and what looks to be quite a few 2's and 3's.......

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    Re: What should expectations be for a first round draft pick at WR?

    That he picks his jersey number out, shows up to camp and busts his a$$. Whether he's got it or not, can, but most likely won't show-up immediately.

    As of right now I think Watkins and Landry would be able to contribute heavily in their first year. Also, a guy named Matt Hazel (Coastal Carolina) could surprise people.
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