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    What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    If Vernon Davis isn't there in the 1st round we need to get a good defensive player.

    Do you guys think TE Leonard Pope will still be there in the 2nd round? Leonard Pope is huge!! I think hes about 6'7 he ran the 40 in 4.62. Hes got great hands. I've seen lots of UGA games. Most games I've seen are ones where hes in the corner on the endzone and most of the times he jumps right over the 5'10 CB and gets a TD!! And hes a solid blocker too.

    1 more question: when do the regular season schedules with the times, dates, and what channel there gonna be on come out?
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    Re: What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    No pope will go mid to late 1st round if we are looking for a TE in the 2nd Klopfenstein,Fasano or Lewis will be there,In the 3rd and 4th,David Thomas,Byrd,T.J Williams or Tim Day

    The schedules are out pretty soon I think,this week or next
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    Re: What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    I'd actually rank Klopfenstein and Lewis as second round options, Fasano, Byrd, and Thomas as third round options, and probably put Williams and Day as second day guys right now.

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    Re: What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    byrd or lewis i woould love on the team

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    Re: What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    My Top 3 Tight Ends
    Vernon Davis - Might not be there at #11 but lets hope.
    Leonard Pope - Won't be t here at our 2nd Pick.
    Marcedew Lewis - Will be there in Round 2.

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    Re: What TE to get if Davis isn't there

    i like marcedes lewis in the 2nd rd...followed by pope and klofenstein...


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