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View Poll Results: What kind of pro quarterback do you think Sam Bradford will become?

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  • Elite (Peyton Manning, Drew Brees)

    5 5.49%
  • Very Good (Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers)

    48 52.75%
  • Good (Tony Romo, Matt Ryan)

    23 25.27%
  • Average (Jason Campbell, Chad Pennington)

    10 10.99%
  • Below Average (Brady Quinn, Alex Smith)

    4 4.40%
  • Awful (JaMarcus Russell)

    1 1.10%
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    Re: What type of pro quarterback do you think Sam Bradford can be?

    Quote Originally Posted by ram1906 View Post
    And the past has shown what happens to college qbs who dont come from pro style offenses vs those that do. If you look at the rookies qbs who have done well ( ryan, sanchez, flacco) they didn't have to adjust to both the speed of the game and the adjusting to a pro style ( under center) game. And I do hope that the front office is developing a plan and not just taking the "sexy" choice at qb. As another post on this thread noted, our defense kept us in games. The addition of a dominant inside presence will help that run defense, make our mike lb better, and with pressure, surely make our dbs better. A dominant defense can cover for a woeful offense. Open the door to go from average to dominant ( isnt that why we brought Spags in).
    Can anyone actually see bradford making us better????
    If you answer yes to that , see you on the thread next year discussing how we certaintly cant take the best player available ( most likely a qb) and how passing on the BPA in '10 cost some coaches their job.

    Perfectly put! I couldn't have said it better myself. Really, our defense worked hard, but did not succed.

    Our offense was just plain trash. It was simple beautiful against the saints in week 13 i believe. Bulger had a great game, and our offense played very well.

    But yeah, with Suh our entire defense will improve. I love Suh and he is a monster.

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    Re: What type of pro quarterback do you think Sam Bradford can be?

    Our defense last year was energetic. It was inspired. It made stops from time to time. It was without question the best unit we had all season. And it did play slightly better in the first half compared to the second. HOWEVER: The defense still surrendered a sizeable, indeed fatal in 9 of our 15 losses, number of points and yardage in the first half when it was theoretically "fresher". It still needs significant upgrading.

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    Re: What type of pro quarterback do you think Sam Bradford can be?

    iunno bottom line.... The front office knows more then we'll ever know in terms of who outweighs who....and what outweighs what need/ priority

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