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    Whats left to fill in and what veteran free agents might we get?

    IMO we could still use a RB (Westbrook?) and OLB (Bulluck if healthy?) either backups or starters. I would also like to see us resign Atogwe and Barron for one more year. With Barron we would have a very solid OL with insurance at OT. We could have Saffold the first year at guard with Barron at RT.

    LT- Jason Smith 6'5 305
    LG- Jacob Bell 6'4 295
    C- Jason Smith 6'3 320
    RG- Rodger Saffold 6'5 315
    RT- Alex Barron 6'7 315

    IMO we have 4 DT's that could be solid but not spectacular in Robbins, Ryan, Scott, and Gibson. IMO Scott has the most potential to be disruptive in the backfield but Spags had to light a fire under his but because he did not think he was giving all out effort. I don't see many upgrades that are out there or would become available at the DT position. I would like Haynesworth but I believe there is no way of making it happen now.

    A deal that is a long shot but still possible in my mind because it makes since for both sides is for Osi. The Giants drafted JPP in the 1st round of the draft to play DE. Osi was unhappy with not being gauranteed a starting spot before the Giants drafted another DE in the first round. Maybe Osi will become available at some point for a future mid round draft pick.
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    Re: Whats left to fill in and what veteran free agents might we get?

    The only trade I might see happening would be for Osi. I say we give them a conditional 7th round pick that goes up a round for every 3 sacks he gets, and then hope he doesn't get more than 12!
    I believe!

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    Re: Whats left to fill in and what veteran free agents might we get?

    I think our offensive line, cornerback, safety (if atogwe comes back), QB, runningback (when your offensive line is run blocking well, you don't need superstar backups), defensive line, and tight end are all settled for the time being. We still have a lack of perceived "talent" at linebacker and seemingly a Brandon Marshall at receiver but all that remians to be seen, i think we came out of hear with a lot of holes patched up for now.

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    Re: Whats left to fill in and what veteran free agents might we get?

    Is there another team in ALL OF FOOTBALL that runs as much as we do, and only has 1 running back. Thats foolish imo, straight up foolish, and by not having a PLAN for the position all we have left in FA is Mr.Concussion.He was'nt good enough for us to sign him BEFORE the draft but now he's all we have left. We should have grabbed Parker if we were just going to sit on our hands in the draft.
    I love our CBs though, press coverage guys that will allow lots of blitzing, which we will NEED now that we AGAIN have NO pass rush to speak of.
    The first 3 picks I loved, after that well, . . . we will see I guess.

    When SJ goes down for a few games like he does every year and our offense STOPS. I wonder what we do then, what kind of GRADE will all the optimistic folks give us. This was a mistake a BIG one, and I'm not so sure BD is this awsome brain child of the draft some of us make him out to be. He has made NO moves (in the draft) to get the guys a 1-15 team needs. He sits, he waits, and he watches as other teams move ALL AROUND HIM to get who they targeted all the while saying there is no one to trade with.

    I am a Rams fan, but I do NOT drink the kool aid that is so readily available on this board.

    GO RAMS!!!
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