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  • Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee

    0 0%
  • Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas

    9 11.69%
  • Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska

    3 3.90%
  • Tony Hills, OT, Texas

    1 1.30%
  • Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M

    1 1.30%
  • Dan Connor, OLB, Penn State

    42 54.55%
  • Tavares Gooden, OLB, Miami

    1 1.30%
  • Justin King, CB, Penn State

    0 0%
  • Josh Barrett, SS, Arizona State

    5 6.49%
  • John Greco, OT, Toledo

    12 15.58%
  • Kevin O'Connell, QB, San Diego State

    0 0%
  • Someone Else (Who?)

    3 3.90%
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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    You should add Reggie Smith to that list.. a lot of people had him as a first-rounder. Anyways, I'd have to say you have to go with Dan Connor.. Paul Pozluzny was nearly a 1st rounder and some experts are saying Connor is a better prospect than he was.. and in the 3rd round? STEAL.

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    Bald_81's Avatar
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    I voted Connor as well as almost everyone. But seeing as the people I have wanted in this draft (Dorsey, Jackson) have been passed on and one I didn't want (Avery) has been taken, it will be the vice versa effect for me this year so we will end up with Anthony Collins or Carl Nicks.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    I'm going for the Sundevil Josh Barrett. We do need to replace Chavous, he's not performing well and he's getting older. We need a young stud to play with Atogwe, and Barrett is the answer.

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    Jonze's Avatar
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    Connor for sure if he's still there. Thought he was a late 1st rounder, so good value here.

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    DaddoRam Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    Disagree with LB, Conner or otherwise. It's not that great a need. I like OT, though not neccessarily going with Collins. I know we worry about potential character question marks (and we have a bad history of guys like that from Nebraska) but Carl Nicks is an incredibly strong player. If he'll keep his nose clean he could be a heck of a pro tackle on the right side for some team. Radovich would be a possibility, too.
    I also would like to see us take a corner, and maybe a RB and more offensive line. I hate to be a homer, but Reggie Smith out of my hometown's still available!

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    Nick's Avatar
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    IMO, I would take long hard looks at Anthony Collins, Tavares Gooden, and DaJuan Morgan. I don't think anyone has mentioned Morgan, but IMO he's arguably the top pure safety available and has loads of potential. Kind of raw, but could be groomed to be a starter behind Chavous.

    Personally I think Gooden might be a better fit for the team than Connor simply because I consider Gooden to be the better athlete. Many project Connor to be a better fit inside, and if the Rams share that assessment, I don't see him being the pick as they love Witherspoon at MLB. A guy like Gooden offers versatility and could likely compete at either OLB spot.

    I think if the picks of Long and Avery tell us anything, it could be that Carl Nicks won't be the pick. The Rams are after high character guys. We're starting to get into the range of Nicks in terms of value, but I don't see him as being a target for this team given the emphasis on character.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    I don't want any CARL NICKS type guy's with any character concernes anymore . I can't really believe that we do this same thing every year . How can any of you guy's even think of taking anyone with any character issues and drafting them ! AND WITH A 3RD AGAIN NO LESS ! Didn't you guy's scream when F. BROWN , C. WROTEN , D.BYRD , C. TERRELL , L. PHILLIPS , yada yada yada .

    I would think with the pick of LONG and the SMART pick in getting AVERY now and nothing later was a great move, and i don't think LINEHAN would take any chances this year and make sure that character was at the forefront. J ust look at the WR slide because of all of their issues .

    If you want a lineman , fine , grab a COLLINS , GRECO , COUSINS , HILLS or another solid prospect without any dirty bags dragging behind .

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    STLunatic Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    I HATE THE LIONS!!!! Looks like they dealt up to the #1 3rd round pick and will get Connor.....DAMN

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    RedArcher7 Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    Anthony Collins or a safety. I'm a fan of Dejuan Morgan who I thought would go in the second. Barrett's alright to take. As much as I don't wanna say it I'll say it, don't draft the Notre Dame player. Zibby's good and all but he's a at least the third best safety on the board now and we just took Avery to handle returns so we don't need to compensate with Zibby.

    How tall is Avery?

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    The Special One is offline Registered User
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    We just drafted John Greco.




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    RamWraith's Avatar
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    I am going with Early Doucet at this point. We could say good bye to Looker, Hall and have a plan if Bennett goes down again.

    Based on need only I would say Collins as we still need a tackle. Again Silva is our starting safety in the 4th.

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    STLunatic Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    why did we just do that? this guy is a 5th-6th round pick?

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    DaddoRam Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    OK, two things.

    1. I know you'll roll your eyes and go "yeah, right" but I darn near put Greco as one of my possibilities with this 3rd pick, it's an excellent choice. This addresses the #1 need at offensive line with a dependable, durable kid. I don't have a lot on his senior season, but dug up the 2007 Toledo media guide, here's a few tidbits I can find--
    "John is a legitimate All-American candidate who very well could join the growing ranks of Toledo's NFL players next year.
    Coach John Amstutz says 'John is a proven All-Conference player, but we are going to ask him to take his play up to another level, We are going to ask him to be a special player. He needs to play with a lot of intensity, to play at the level of an NFL player. John has the potential to be an All-American player, so we are going to ask a lot of him.'"

    Two-time all MAC (obviously now 3 time) All-American candidate
    Second season on watch list for Lombardi award
    Has started 37 consecutive games, including 24 straight at left tackle
    ***Filled the left tackle slot vacated by Nick Kaczur, now starting left tackle for New England Patriots
    Bench presses 420 pds, leg press 1,050 pds.

    All MAC
    Lombardi watch list
    Started all 12 games LT
    leader of offensive line that averaged 224 yards rushing in final 3 games
    team co-captain

    first team all-MAC
    starting LT on offensive line that powered #13 rushing offense (216.8 yds/game) and #10 scoring offense (35.8) in nation
    Line allowed just 13 sacks, best in MAC

    ***started all 13 games at right tackle as freshman
    part of OL that powered #11 offense (459.2 yards/game) in nation
    Norman Cohen award, Toledo's top freshman player


    High School (Youngstown Boardman)
    first team all-conference 2nd team all-region as senior
    2nd team all-conference as junior
    school was co-conference champ in junior year and runner up freshman year
    lettered 2 years football, 1 yr basketball
    Coach Gary Smith

    Full name is John Patrick Greco
    b. Mar. 24, 1985
    son of John and Melanie Greco
    father is chemical engineer, mother works in human resources
    marketing major

    The Pro Football Weekly draft preview lists him at #4 among available guards, projecting him as most did to guard rather than tackle, mainly because of lack of arm length, I suspect.

    This is a GOOD guard prospect for the Rams, meets a need position well with a strong character and leadership guy, and I'm very happy with the pick, don't see how we could have done better.

    2. The concerns about the "character issues" guys crack me up. Nicks had a tantrum at a party, once. He didn't kill anyone, fail 3 drug tests, beat up a girl, or any real serious problems. I think had the NU coaches not overreacted to the situation (for no real good reason at all except to be pissy towards a kid who didn't play for them and wasn't going to do them any good at all since he was leaving, so why not screw him over once before he leaves, he's not one of our kids anyway?) we'd not even be talking about him.

    Moot point now...I'd be shocked if he's still around by the time the Rams pick again. But I hope we don't deny the team about half the NFL prospects by refusing to look at anyone with so much as a parking ticket. We can over-react to a few situations that are unavoidable...NO team is immune from having a few cases like wroten and Fakhir...who, by the way, is still on the roster and still a darn good corner if we can keep him off "the list."

    There's an old saying..."You don't shoot a prize bull for ****ing in the yard." In the same fashion, if two guys of equal ability come up and one's a boy scout and one's a delinquent, you take the scout. But we cannot just draft boy scouts. An awful lot of the best players in the league had "character quetsions" when they came out.
    Heck, by these standards nobody from Miami would ever play pro ball!

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    Sam Klein Guest

    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    John Greco was an excellent choice. Sporting news ranked him as a second round prospect, the best guard available, and the 39th best player in the draft. they talk about his versitility as he can play any position on the o-line, that he is durable and a high character guy. his only weakness is his pass protection on the edge which will effect his usefulness as a tackle in the NFL.

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    tomahawk247's Avatar
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    Re: Who should the Rams take in Round 3?

    i think we should pick John Greco from Toledo

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