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Thread: Who will Drop?

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    Who will Drop?

    Every year players drop that were expected to go higher in the draft. We acquired Steven Jackson under such circumstances. At this point of the year and combine:

    1) Who is most likely to drop to us in the 1st round that was expected to go higher.

    2) Do we take them?

    3) Is it a position of need or marginal need?

    4) If we take them how does that affect the rest of your picks?

    5) Who is likely to fall in later rounds that are a position of need for the Rams?

    6) How does that affect your draft selections from there?

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    Re: Who will Drop?

    1) A couple of guys who are considered top prospects but could drop:

    First, Jay Cutler. There's a lot of talk about Cutler and how he's better than Young and at worst on par with Leinart. Is it true? I dunno. A rumor's floating around that new Saints coach Sean Payton likes Cutler more than Leinart and if he has his way will take Cutler as the first QB. The Titans loves this guy as well. But is it all just posturing and smokescreens? I wouldn't be shocked if Cutler slipped toward the bottom of the top ten or mid first round, just because of how monumental his rise has been since the end of the season.

    Second, Vince Young. Teams had concerns about how well his game would transfer to the pros. The offense he ran at Texas wasn't complicated. Now you've got a story about him doing HORRIBLE on the Wonderlic, which isn't a strong part of a team's decision making but is taken into account. Even after retaking the test, he got a 16, which really isn't that great. Sure, there have been past QBs who have scored low and turned out okay, but that might not be something a team likes to gamble on. Young, a potential first overall pick, could slip to the Cardinals at 10th or maybe lower depending on what happens between now and the draft.

    Third, I wouldn't be surprised if Haloti Ngata slips, if only because he's sort of the odd man out right now. I don't believe he's really impressed as much as other top ten picks like Hawk, Super Mario, D'Brick, etc etc. I really don't think he makes it past Buffalo, and if he does slip, he won't make it past Cleveland at 12th overall because they need a great 3-4 NT.

    Fourth, I think there's a good chance Michael Huff starts to slip a bit because of the number of other great prospects available. Detroit is really one of the biggest possible destinations for Huff, but I think if the Lions have a choice between Huff or Davis, they go Davis. We'll see what Huff does tomorrow for his workouts. One of the main reasons he's regarded highly is people think he can play some CB as well. If he doesn't run good CB numbers, it might cause him to fall a bit.

    2) I would think about taking either of the defensive players, but not the QBs.

    3) Again, for the defensive players, we could upgrade at both. S is a bigger need than DT. QB is not a first round need.

    4) Well obviously we would likely not have to upgrade the interior D-line for the remainder of the draft if we took Ngata. If we took Huff, I'm not sure we need to draft another safety. Maybe grab one in free agency. I don't think it means that we don't use another first day pick on defense as well though.

    5) There are some MLBs who could fall. Maybe a guy like Freddie Roach. I like Dale Robinson out of Arizona State, but he's a late round guy. Some of the defensive ends who have some questions around them could slip - Dumervil, Tapp, maybe Ray Edwards if he doesn't work out well.

    6) It just depends if they actually do slip or not. It's pretty hard to talk about how something affects strategy without looking at the entire picture and other likely scenarios.


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