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    who would you rather have, haynesworth or suh?

    espn is reporting that haynesworth can be had for a second and fourth round pick. They would be eating 31 million of the 40 million guaranteed money for one year (4 sacks). If the skins make that deal, i think from an economic point, it would certainly put them even ahead of the Drew Bennett debacle for most painful contract hit in league history.

    Would you rather have Suh or haynseworth? How about dan williams or hayneworth? How about the 33 or haynesworth.

    It never ceases to amaze me how draft picks are valued. Haynesworth is a proven superstar in the nfl, yet people will value highly paid rookies who have accomplished nothing at the nfl level greater than a proven all pro.

    THis is the most screwed up point of all the economic issues in the nfl. Can anyone else name another career where someone right out of school with no experience gets paid the same money as a proven star in the profession?

    As a lawyer, this is the equivalent of saying that someone graduating first in his class from Yale law school should make the same money as a senior partner at a major new york law firm. The comparison is a joke.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: who would you rather have, haynesworth or suh?

    I agree with you to a point about draft worth versus proven veterans. If Brandon Marshall didn't have the personality conflicts with the Broncos, he is definately worth a high 1st rounder (maybe pick 20+) or a second rnd + a later round pick. He is a proven star and a choice that presents less risk.

    On the other hand, Haynesworth is available for a reason. He presents different risks than a rookie would; I don't know if Haynesworth is the best example you could use.

    On a more general point, I tend to agree with you.

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    Re: who would you rather have, haynesworth or suh?

    suh, even though you can tell by my name

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    Re: who would you rather have, haynesworth or suh?

    Suh!!! Have him and the defense age at the same rate.

    As for the lawyer, you can only have so many affairs before it becomes a distraction. This senior partner had a massive ego complex which was really off putting to the judges he sees in court everyday.

    The kid from Yale is simply adored by his peers and he took a ballroom dancing class while in college.

    Plus there's the whispers that the Sr partner may be showing the first signs of dementia...

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    Re: who would you rather have, haynesworth or suh?

    If all things were equal (i.e. either could be obtained with the 33rd pick, they would be paid the same amount), I'd go with Suh. Haynesworth strikes me as a somewhat less than four pillars kind of guy, which detracts from his unquestionable talent.

    Of course, its not equal. If the Rams could get Haynesworth for the #33rd pick (and maybe throw in Carriker), I'd do it so the Rams could end up with Bradford and Haynesworth. Sure, there would be risk there, and Haynesworth (even with Washington having paid a substantial portion) will not come cheap. Still, I think I'd take that chance.

    The only way to get Suh is with the first pick. That creates a problem at QB, so right now I don't favor that option.

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