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  • Ron Brace, DT, Boston College

    8 8.79%
  • James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State

    46 50.55%
  • Clint Sintim, LB, Virginia

    4 4.40%
  • Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DT, Missouri

    6 6.59%
  • Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State

    2 2.20%
  • Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

    10 10.99%
  • Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma

    5 5.49%
  • Clay Matthews, LB, USC

    4 4.40%
  • Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech

    3 3.30%
  • Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma

    0 0%
  • Darry Beckwith, LB, LSU

    0 0%
  • Someone else (who?)

    3 3.30%
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    Re: Who are you hoping for in Round 2?

    Quote Originally Posted by richtree View Post
    A couple quick counter points before I get into to much detail.

    You said Britt was over-confident. As a scout I think I would want that. Secondly, you defend Nicks by saying he didn't perform at pro day because of a nagging hammy? Guess He got hurt with all that contact at the combine. He probably stopped repping his bench presses at 17 too because the bar hurt his chest.

    Also, you are comparing TD catches where Britt played behind some guy named "Ray Rice" that basically got the ball every oportunity for 2 years.
    Nicks played in a spread offense geared toward throwing the ball.

    Then you say you could compare Nicks to Rodey White. Impossible.

    White ran 4.4 at the combine. He also lost 5 lbs. before his pro day and ran a 4.3. He is an inch taller and alot faster.

    Nicks is a solid round 2 pick for a team that needs a #3 possession reciever. His potenial is limited since is isn't going to get any taller or faster.

    Alot of people forget that Torry Holt and Bruce were both big time speed guys and run there routes faster than most.

    **I think this is a good way to judge a WR. If you were a really good team (I.E. Eagles, Colts, Cards, Pitt) what WR could you see being a big factor on those offenses. When you try to add a WR to a bad/building team its harder to judge the player because of need. But if everything was already in place are you are adding "weapons" who would you take.

    **Using this method I believe it gives 3 players value

    Macklin -- SPeed all over --KO returns, end arounds, stretch field.
    Britt -- Physical freak/ good size/will block and run thru a wall 4 u/ heart
    Heyward Bey-- Speed/Punt Returns/Strong too/excitement/speed

    **I also think this hurts the following 3 WR's
    Crabtree -- Soft/not strong, fast, or tall/see Limas Sweed/MikeJohnson
    Nicks-- Slow down field/not strong or tall/cant create space/injury/weight
    Harvin - INjuries/Lack of instinct/mystery of draft/could be great or bust


    Robiseke -- Has good size and quicks minus the phycial body. Has room to grow into a good NFL WR. Think Packers type system for success.

    Murphy -- Speed guy but soft -- project that could develop into a downfield threat with 2 years of weight training

    AVoid !!

    Ramses Braden - see Sidneyh Rice, Limas Sweed, J.Hardy. All were big, tall and better than Ramses and still can't even get on the field for any NFL team


    **Kevin Ogletree - A legit 6ft 1in that alot of people think could fly up the draft board if he stays in school. He wants out of college now and clocked an unoffical 4.37.

    Dillard -- Decent player , Another Burner so Rams pass

    Colts scout - From their website (can't post link)

    Britt has the talent to be the best WR in the draft (yes, including Crabtree) if he can work on his hands. Teel's passing wasn't the greatest and look for the Colts to seriously consider Britt as Marvin's replacement.

    That's enough for now, lol.

    Ps - NIcks can't compare to Keyshawn either.

    Nicks best comparison = Jerry Porter Marty Booker
    Woah hold your horse there and learn some facts.

    The Heels do not run a spread offense at all, they run a pro style I-formation offense so get your facts straight.

    I didn't say over confident I said Cocky there is a huge difference and that was a quote.

    Also the Rody white Comparison didn't come out of my mouth it came out of a scouts mouth hence the quotation marks, so I think he would know more than you and me. Just because they don't put up the same combine numbers doesn't mean they can't be similar. Larry Fitzgerald didn't run the 40 well at all, but ask any corner in the league and they will tell you he is one of the fastest WRs in the league.

    Timed Speed is overated look at Aquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Hines Ward, Derek Mason, Wes Welker, Vincent Jackson, Donald driver, Antonio Bryant, Brandon Marshall. All averahe of below average time speed, but they are still in the top 20 in 2008 recieving yards so I don't know what the heck you are talking about.

    That was a terrible analysis of Nicks. Not every WR 6'3. He is 6 ft great size for any WR He creates a ton of space. He definately doesn't have injury problems he just pulled a hammy at the combine who cares, otherwise he has been a rock and is one of the toughest players in the draft. Doesn't matter if you are slow down field if you still make the play and get the catch or find other ways to get downfield and score. He is alreayd back down to 212 pounds so how is his weight an issue.

    If you ask any scout the msot important trait a WR must have is the ability to separate and get open. Nicks isn't blazing fast but he gets separation and gets open with great routes. He also has the ability to make all the tough cathes.

    FYI the Rams are interested in Nicks he has been invited to pre draft work outs, Brit's name isn't even on the known list.

    Kenny Britt= Bryant Johnson

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    Re: Who are you hoping for in Round 2?

    I think we both made our points.

    I could continue to add more about Britt but its probably a waste of time. Draft day is almost here.

    Rams may not go WR with round 2 pick #3.

    I think most people will agree Britt is more physically gifted and has more potential.

    I hope they both have great careers and come draft day WR's and LB's will be flying off the board on day 1.

    cheers to a good draft.

    Can't wait I'll be in attentance!

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    Re: Who are you hoping for in Round 2?

    Now that we've traded for Robinson, I don't see us drafting a WR in the 2nd round unless Crabtree or Heyward-Bey fell miraculously in our laps.

    Laraunitas would make the most immediate impact of all the players on the list, so I'm going with him.

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    Re: Who are you hoping for in Round 2?

    Quote Originally Posted by richtree View Post
    Ramses Braden - see Sidneyh Rice, Limas Sweed, J.Hardy. All were big, tall and better than Ramses and still can't even get on the field for any NFL team

    Umm Check 1,2,3. Testing.

    Maybe you should learn some about the truth behind the statements. Limas sweed did get on the field, and almost caught 2 touchdown passes towards the end of the season. One I believe was either in the Superbowl or very soon before. The other against the Ravens in the playoffs.

    Yes he dropped the balls, but that could be easy to say was a circumstance of in game anxiety and nervousness. Big games, deep routes, catching a ball over his shoulder, if not reaching way out to get them. Not to mention...

    He is going to be a starter this year. He is someone who could turn into the Steelers' next Plaxico Burress if he works hard enough, and he was the guy I wanted last draft instead of the one Donnie Avery. But, of course, Linehan had to think he knew something about the #16 ranked receiver, also known as the First receiver taken. Really? How does that cross your mind. You have a receiver ranking board, and every one of them is available, and you draft the 16th guy on it?

    No, Sweed is an NFL starter at this point, and is most likely going to blossom and grow in the Steelers' annual chase for the Championship. As they are the one team it seems that will always be in the running.

    - To wrap things up, who is comparing Ramses to Sweed? Sweed was a projected Round 1 pick, Ramses is scheduled for a 5-7th round. So, how can they even be close to the same? Not saying Ramses isn't going to fare well somewhere, but how can they be compared?
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