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    Why the focus on CB in draft?

    With all the Williams talk, I still don't quite understand why everyone thinks CB is the Rams high need. At CB the Rams have two guys who have been solid starters Fisher and Butler, a guy who has been a starter in FA Brown, a young fast guy who has shown promise and is a big corner in Bartell. So sure the Rams could use a shut down corner, but when I compare CB to other positions I just don't see it. Still at SLB the hope is Coakley coming off a season ending injury and maybe Chillar. At DT, Kennedy and Glover and lots of hope is all I see (did anyone see that the Seahawks have five solid DT types), at DE Little and Hargrove and maybe Green, and at TE .. Manu and nothing.

    If Williams is the BPA at that time sure (though I don't like J. Williams as a pick), but if not I'd go DT or LB before going CB if equal value picks were available (e.g. Ngata at DT, or Davis at TE)

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    Re: Why the focus on CB in draft?

    I think CB is a need position, but I'm thinking more and more that, given the depth at the position in this year's draft, the Rams might want to consider waiting until the second round to draft a CB.

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    Re: Why the focus on CB in draft?

    Williams might be the best player available at 11

    however, since there are lots of needs on defense still, and with the chance that one of the three QBs could slip, i have no objection to trading down right now.

    I also dont have an objection to trading up for AJ Hawk or Mario Williams, but i think we would have to give up too much to do that


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