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Thread: Why Houston Will Stay Put

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    Why Houston Will Stay Put

    Their owner made noises about trading down, no doubt envisioning an RG III scenario, but no one has heard from their coach or GM.

    The best Houston could get for their pick is probably from Atlanta, to get Clowney, which would be Atlanta 1and 2 this year and 1 and three next year.

    Now, Here is why they won't take the deal.

    They hired an offensive coach, who brings that New England pocket passer offense with him.

    He's gonna want to start out with HIS guy, while he has a grace period.

    When has a team that badly neeeded a QB ever traded down, deciding to settle for the third or fourth best guy? The only one was San Diego, but they got a QB in r eturn, in the Eli manning deal.

    By draft day, O'Brien will have seen the top QBs so much that for sure one will be the apple of his eye. i don't see it being Manziel, who wouldn't fit the offense, and the hype and pressure on him in Texas might be a BIG distraction O'Briem doesn't want, as a Belichick program guy.

    At even pick 6, with Hundley now gone, there is a really chance the top three QB, the sure first round guys, will be gone. Minnesota could even deal up for one.

    The next best... Derek Carr, and I doubt Houston will go down that family tree again

    O'Brien isn't gonna settle for #2, or #3 when it comes to his new passer, let alone #4.

    Bridgewater fits the profile, but Bortles may as well.

    And here's the thing. Houston has lots of talent, and in that lousy division, they could easily go from worst to first simply by adding a dynamic QB, and getting their injured stars back. THey don't need a ton of extra draft picks as much as one key guy in that sorry division.

    Unless they see Clowney as superman, and stay put for him, they will go after a QB first, no matter what they say till then.

    Too much risk if they pass on a franchise passer when they get the shot at one, with the salaries much lower now for the #1.

    The Rams WILL trade down, and i think it will be to either Tampa Bay, Kevin Demoffs old team, or Atlanta, Les Sneads old team. Both men are still very close with their former mentors on this teams.

    With two suitors, Snead will get a fair price for the pick, though not an RG II haul and still will get his guy after the deal down, and if Fisher and Snead just don't take OT high, they could deal down some more and get another high pick or two.

    Rams fans should be very optimistic about this young team, about to add a bunch more top talent on noth sides of the ball.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Why Houston Will Stay Put

    Yeah, I think you could have saved about 450 words and just said, "Because their new offensive-minded head coach needs a franchise QB." I'd wager most everyone expects them to stay put at this point, contrary to what might be said by their organization to the media.
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