Of course this could be for nothing if the Dolphins select him before us but here goes,all last season I kept reading about the reasons we were so bad,the o-line in decimated by injuries,we are using street free agents,this is the 14th different line combo this season and so on and they all make sense and who's to say that it couldn't happen again.No one really knows how Pace is going to be yet and if he will stay healthy,Barron has the "potential" but hasn't turned it up to the level we think he can.by selecting J. Long it gives us the chance to keep a very explosive offense if something happens and even if everyone stays healthy this is the solid safe pick we need to make. If this offense can score points I think the defense will be good enough and this team will get some wins,I agree we need a defensive end also and yes the 2 starters we have are coming off injuries so I understand that side of the arguement to,but having a very good o-line that allows Jackson to do his thing is going to take us farther than a guy who can get us 8-10 sacks next season and thats if he can get that many,we don't really know that either.as TX says it's a crapshoot and in the end I will be happy with either Long as our pick,I would just like Jake Long better.