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    STLRams73 Guest

    Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    The Rams haven't appeared to show any interest in free agent DE's. Granted, the crop of free agents is weak, but they made no effort to go after Justin Smith. Canty is a RFA so why not go after Odem, or for a little cheaper, go after his teammate, Travis LeBoy? Is this a sign that we are taking Chris Long #2? We have subtracted from this position (J Hall) this offseason and have done nothing to improve it.

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    STLRams73 Guest

    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    I also wouldn't mind seeing them bring in Bryant Johnson either.

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    Wolf Guest

    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    Thing about Odom is that he knows he's the best DE left out there, so he'll demand money.

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    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    Ok, that was news to me in releasing James Hall. While I might not look for a starter on the D line, I definitely feel they need to go after a speedy guy for depth. Of course, if they can find a starter for a cheap enough contract, then I'm all for it anyway because it gives us more flexibility.

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    edge_V Guest

    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    They say you can never have enough linebackers when u play the 3-4. Well, u can never have enough defensive linemen in the 4-3. We need to establish depth So we can get a rotation going.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    I think having him as a back up would be great. We can draft a starter out of Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, and have Odem as a back up. It'll work out great.

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    Re: Why not bring Odem in for a visit?

    Lets look at our defensive line as of right now ok dokie .

    Leonard Little- he can still produce
    Victor Adeajuuu- solid backup
    Eric Moore- i thought he showed promise

    Adam Carriker- stud
    Clifton Ryan- capable of being a solid player
    Larai Glover- good veteran who is valued more on this team than we think
    Claude Wroten- why is everyone so down on him??? I watch every rams game and whenever he is in there getting some PT, he pressures the QB, gets a tackle, etc...

    I believe before the draft we need to sign one more defensive tackle and one more defensive end. i would to at least rod coleman and bobby McCray in for visits. Other names that come to mind are Brian Young, who has always produced. Another DT that comes to mind is William joseph who is lost in the mix in NY and now a free agent.

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