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Thread: Why the Rams should Pursue FS Jairus Byrd!

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    Why the Rams should Pursue FS Jairus Byrd!

    The Rams have plenty of reasons to go after FS Jairus Byrd. Firstly, he is a top 3 FS in this league. Had he played a full season I'd bet he'd still be the #1 ranked FS in the league. Earl Thomas is great but he gets a lot of limelight being a superbowl champ and playing alongside 2 pro bowlers and one of the NFL's beloved teams at this time. Byrd is severely slept on playing in Buffalo. Either way, everyone can agree he is at least top 5 most saying he is right behind Thomas.

    The Rams have a huge hole at FS, we all know that. We drafted T.J McDonald as an SS last year and he has a bright future. He is good in the box and is an excellent blitzer, something Gregg Williams loves in his SS's (think Roman Harper, Bernard Pollard).

    Jairus Byrd is a hometown kid. He was born in STL and it makes sense that he'd want to return to his hometown.

    Here are some QB ratings when Jairus Byrd is in coverage the past few years:

    2011: 54.9
    2012: 56.9
    2013: 35.0

    Talk about dominant... The guy would solidify the backend and allow our CB's to get up close and play press coverage like they are made to do. He is excellent when he is a single high FS. Byrd is a bigtime playmaker too. He's had plenty of INT's over the past few years.

    This draft is loaded with CB's. There are probably 5 or 6 CB's I'd take before the top S. I feel like we need to add a veteran to the mix and Byrd offers great value, talent, and leadership. Byrd would truly take this defense to the next level allowing our CB's to change their style of play, as well as being more aggressive and causing more turnovers from scheme and DC.
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    Re: Why the Rams should Pursue FS Jairus Byrd!

    I fully agree and would LOVE to see the Rams go after him!
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    Re: Why the Rams should Pursue FS Jairus Byrd!

    I agree with everything you said Sosa, but I think the most important thing you brought up was the fact that you said having him would allow our CB's to be more aggressive at the line of scrimmage. Trumaine and JJ are playmakers, and even though they might get burned from time to time, having someone like Byrd protecting them from getting beat deep would limit the big plays they give up.
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    Re: Why the Rams should Pursue FS Jairus Byrd!

    Having ties helps going after him. Think people tend to forget that yeah we can have all the money and perks, but if someone doesn't want to play for a certain team, not likely going to happen. If you are the top of your game and have a choice I think playing for a team that has a chance to compete for the ring is enticing. I hope Byrd would see that in the Rams and not worry about playing for a team that came in 4th in the West(thinking from a non fan point of view) Maybe he knows he woud be the cog to get the machine over the hump and compete!!

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