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Thread: Wide Receiver

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    GSOT Guest

    Wide Receiver

    We need a great athlete with a big body at WR who can go up and get that jump ball and over power his man.
    We either need to draft a guy like Limas Sweed or Jordy Nelson or make a play for a guy like Matt Jones who will either be cut by the Jags or traded for a late round pic..

    A guy like Jones could be Ideal. I know he isn't Saunders type of guy, even though he did runa 4.37 at the combine, but he is Scott's type of guy. The 6-6 athletic WR was coverted from qb to wr when he was draft and snice has had little oppurtunity but has shown flashes of being a star! just a thought.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    We need a great athlete with a big body at WR who can go up and get that jump ball and over power his man.
    Here is a guy...YouTube - Bennett TD

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    Wolf Guest

    Re: Wide Receiver

    Isn't that we brought in Bennett? lol

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    yeah bennett and mcmichael can do that (injuries permitting)
    i still think we need a deep threat speed guy.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    GSOT may not have been paying attention all this time I've been talking about Bennett, but at least others have. Drew Bennett played both QB and WR at UCLA, and then fought onto the Tennessee roster as a WR before making a good rapport with now Ravens QB Steve McNair. It was under McNair that Bennett had his best years, not under his one year with Vince Young, though he didn't do too shabby with him either. In either case, he's 6'5" and has the ability to go up and over corners on him in isolation(I keep using that word because it's important, corner + linebacker on a drag route doesn't work) and then shrug off the tackle of the 5'10" guy and get some yards after the catch. That's what he does. What we need in our stable of wideouts is a guy with tremendous deep speed.

    As for your thoughts about Limas Sweed, unless his wrist really isn't right, there's no way he'll drop past Tennessee, so I'm not sure how you plan on getting him unless you feel like giving up next years 1st rounder or somehow trading down. As for Jones, I think he was an amazing prospect that has never lived up to his surprise first round billing. I think he could have become a good receiver, very much like Plaxico Burress, but he didn't transition well. I wouldn't sign him for much more than a minimum contract with a bunch of incentives.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    Bennett is better suited to playing on the outside, which he can do now. Being matched up against opposing CBs one on one means he should have a distinct advantage

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