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    onslaught11 Guest

    Wild hypothesis: Could the Phins pull a Tice

    I was just thinking about this. Parcell is a football smart man. The Phins are trying to trade out of the 1st overall pick. With it comes like $30 million guaranteed.

    I have not heard much coming from Phin FO. During this time, I would think the FO of the top 5 picks would start the smokescreen campaign.
    The expert has Chris Long going to the Phins.

    I think that Parcell has a dark horse candidate in mind. I would not put it past him to try his hardest to trade out but if he can't. I would not put it past him to let the clock expire and let the next team(s) (Rams) and/or Falcons pick ahead of him and save $5-10 million in guaranteed money and then pick him guy. Probably one of the candidate that the Rams and Falcons are not going to pick.

    Unlikely scenario but Parcell is not a coach but more of a GM role. He is probably thinking to draft good players that fit his system and have enough money to keep his star player, good free agent, etc .. for the next 2-3 years horizon.

    Do you think the Rams FO is ready for this scenario?


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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Wild hypothesis: Could the Phins pull a Tice

    I think they've started it saying that they want Dorsey and Jake Long. They mentioned Chris Long's name twice.

    I do think the Dolphins would try something weird like that. I really do.

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