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    Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    I think one of the best scenarios for the Rams on draft day is one in which at least one if not two quarterbacks are selected before the Rams' pick @ 16. The more signal callers chosen in the Top 15 picks, the more good prospects at other positions will be pushed down the board and possibly could be available when the Rams select.

    But the pre-draft quarterback activity around the league is starting to paint a cloudy picture about what Top 15 teams might select a quarterback.

    Kansas City was the predominant favorite to take a passer with the top overall pick... until they traded for Alex Smith. Now, a quarterback is a dark horse at best.

    Oakland was a possible landing spot for a quarterback, but might they look elsewhere in the first round now that they've traded for Matt Flynn? I believe the current Oakland GM was part of the Green Bay front office that drafted Flynn.

    Cleveland was a dark horse landing spot for a quarterback, but they've since brought in Jason Campbell to compete with Brandon Weeden for the starting gig. Chances are, they're done for now.

    The landing lights are on at Arizona's runway for a quarterback, but might someone land there before the draft? It sounds as if the Cardinals are the lead contender to land Carson Palmer in a trade with Oakland. If they do so, they'll probably want to secure him some better protection rather than draft his heir.

    Buffalo has also been mentioned as a possibility for a first round passer, but the Bills signed Kevin Kolb to a two-year deal that suggests he's the frontrunner to start in 2013. That doesn't necessarily rule out a quarterback, but the need has been lessened to a degree.

    Teams like Jacksonville, Philadelphia, New York, and Tampa Bay are possibilities to varying degrees, but as Rams fans, we have to hope that these moves don't signify that these organizations have eliminated the possibility of a quarterback completely.

    Which team do you think will ultimately select a QB in the Top 15, if any?

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    Re: Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    There definitely are not any teams at the top who are clearly in the QB market. Given the reasonable price of rookies these days, I suppose some team may take a QB to develop for the future, but most of the teams at the top will probably try to fill more pressing needs.

    I'm thinking that the Jets could be the team that could pull the trigger, though, as Sanchez does not seem to be the answer for them.

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    Re: Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    I am 99% sure a QB will go in top 15....2 Qbs I don't know......Jaguars may trade down a few and get Smith, Manuel, etc...Jets, Jags, Zona, and Bills --- One of these have to grab a QB because if not they probably won't get the guy they want in Round 2

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    Re: Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    Good point to make about the absence of desire for multiple QB's early. It is likely Geno Smith will go somewhere in the Top 10-15, but Barkley, Manuel and others are more probable for rounds 2-3. Which raises a point I've been thinking about that one of those early round 2 teams may want to get back into the first round at #22 to grab a QB. I wouldn't put it past Trader Les to cut a deal that adds some picks for the Rams in round 2-4. Many analysts feel that is where the "meat" of this draft is and I'd be happy to exploit that scenario. You cannot overlook the economic benefit of that strategy.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    Gil Brandt still thinks there will be 2 maybe 3 QBs in the top 15. And also that being in the 10 - 50 is a premiere place in this unique draft.

    Think it's all smoke and mirrors at the moment. Even with the FA QB movement they all could be security blankets for the rookies. Or short term starters and back ups later. I still see most of the qbneedy teams pull the trigger just on value even with the new rookie scale maybe even due to the new rookie deal.

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    Re: Will the pre-draft quarterback activity hurt the Rams?

    It seems that the moves teams have been making are suggesting what the majority of draft analysts have been alluding to, that there might not be a QB worthy of a top 15 selection in this year's draft. Or at least not someone they would feel comfortable drafting to start day one.

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