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    keith m. klink Guest

    Will they stay ? or will they Go now ???

    The more i talk with you all the harder it is for e to think this team can be anygood at all .

    We all seem to feel we need O-LINE help , and that is all to true , but our QB 'S are a mess also . The WR's are up/down all around .

    But what of CHAVOUS ( still contemplating his future )
    ATAGWE and BARTELL need to be resigned or replaced ( with who )
    HILL and WADE still are trying to prove themselves worthy of a roster spot, let alone a starting role .
    Craft played o.k. , and BASSEY showed great promise before injury
    TODD JOHNSON is just steady .

    It is my thoughts that the Rams need both ATAGWE and BARTELL to be the solid foundation to build on. If we lose one or both , we are screwed pretty much.

    Its time for the Rams to stop putting in 3--4 years on a player just to let him go after the first contract when they just seem to be hitting there stride. this would be another disasterous move in Rams history.

    P.S. I'm sure you all have you own list of players the Rams shed just in time for them to kick a%& .

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    Re: Will they stay ? or will they Go now ???

    BARTELL will stay I think, I am not sure on OJ he was upset the rams did not sign him at the start of last season, he might be gone.

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    Re: Will they stay ? or will they Go now ???

    I'm with you, I think we need to get both Bartell and Atogwe re-signed.

    Even if we sign them, we have plenty of holes to fill. But two fewer holes is still two fewer holes.

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    Warner4prez Guest

    Re: Will they stay ? or will they Go now ???

    Definately need OJ and Bartell. The whole Tye Hill thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. We could have drafted anyone other than an undersized corner there.
    Wasn't impressed by Wade or Craft, rather unimpressed.
    And Chavous is just plain old and tired. A few nice SS options in the draft.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Will they stay ? or will they Go now ???

    Maybe sigh Bartell to a long contract this year and franchise O.J. , and then sign him long term next year.

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