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    Will we draft Julio Jones if...

    Will we draft Julio Jones if we pick up Santonio Holmes / V Jax / Sidney Rice??

    i think we should still draft julio jones if he's there .. even if we pick up a big name receiver .
    the vet could help Jones out .. and hey maybe we'll have a good receiving corps like back then .. holt/bruce

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    Re: Will we draft Julio Jones if...

    I agree but you will find alot of opposition on this topic...

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    Re: Will we draft Julio Jones if...

    I disagree. Think about this. When we had Mark Clayton, we were a lot better. Bring Donnie Avery back into the equation too and now we're just loaded I feel. Julio Jones would be a terrific addition, but I certainly do not think there is need/space for one more luxury player.

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    Re: Will we draft Julio Jones if...

    I hope the Rams resign M. Clayton.

    Save the Money on a 10+million $ WR in V. Jack.

    I would rather see the Rams draft two WR's this year. This years draft is loaded with qaulity WR's.
    Try giving P. Burres (I know not a 4 pillars type guy but maybe he's grown up enough at 34) a chance to make the team at a cheap price. That would give young drafted Rookies a chance to learn how to be a NFL WR in this league for a year.

    This is Avery's year to shine as a 2nd WR or move him to slot , if he doesn't let him go, cut, or trade.
    The Rams need all the play makers they can get on offence. With the rams not going three and out all the time Maybe the defence will do a much better job in the 3rd & 4th quarters.

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