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    Winner or stupid

    Another signing today of DE Hall, with the same threads just changing the name. He adds depth, he fills a hole. The old saying winners win is true and so is you cann't fix stupid. So answer these questions. Did we win with him? No. Will we win a Championship because he plays for us? No. Were the coaches winners before they came to the Rams? No (for the most part) What I'm trying to say is with every signing I keep waiting for that winner or that player to make us better. So far not alot there. Is that wrong or am I just stupid.:xI'm sure I will get alot of stupid votes.

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    Re: Winner or stupid

    Sorry smitheRAM, you make a valid point but I am going to have to vote on the stupid side. Sorry!
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    Re: Winner or stupid

    I think, more than anything, Hall, and most of the rest of the players we signed this offseason are great depth, with two surefire starters in Brown and Bell. What Hall's re-signing does is give us options looking toward the draft. You don't build a team through free agency, and giving yourself as many options as possible in the draft is, IMO, a great thing.

    For instance, this signing, more than anything, facilitates us to select Vernon Gholston if Chris Long is gone. If Long is there he is selected, and he probably is a starter, making Hall valuable depth. Gholston has the one dimensional pass rush skills we're in dire need of, but he's not seen to be as good versus the run. This is where Hall excells. So Gholston, for the first year of his career, becomes a valuable contibutor on downs wherein we look to rush the passer, develeping his play against the run to become an every down player a season down the track.

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    Re: Winner or stupid

    Was Belicheat a winner before he came to NE? He had a lot more chances and did nothing. Then in NE he built through the draft and through bargain shopping in free agency. Then he went to four super bowls in seven years. How many times over the years did you say, wow that NE just got a real winner! As they picked up Reche Caldwell who couldn't stick in wide receiver poor SD. As they picked up aging linebackers who were thrown away by their teams. As they picked up bad boy Corey Dillon.

    Yes, last year they finally made a splash in free agency, and yes, it got them all the records and to 18-0. But what does it all matter when they were found guilty of cheating and still didn't win a ring? Manning'll probably throw for 55 TD's this year and Reggie Wayne'll get 24. Then no one will care about the 2007 Pats except to say don't get over confident and that it's impossible to go 19-0.

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    Re: Winner or stupid

    Someday, there will be an All-Pro free agent willing to play for the Rams at the vet minimum. However, until then we are merely chained to the anchor of reality by the shackels of caponomics.

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    Re: Winner or stupid

    I think the NFL has changed in the last year with the raise in the cap. Teams noe can pay their best player and retain them. Fewer impact player hit the market, most teams are just just reaching. I am looking at what the whiners have done the last two year 80 mil for a DB. And they keep spending, lets see how trhat works out for them. Build through the draft.

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