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    Re: Wr

    Hey, I'm thinking about this... THE FUTURE! I LOVE Holt and Bruce. Love them, wouldn't trade either of them for any other WR's or any other player for that matter in the game. That being said Bruce, maybe one year left, Holt maybe 3. After next year, if Bruce goes, wouldn't you like to see someone of an equal level fill his shoes? That means a 1st round picked who's developed! Not a first round pick 'AFTER' he retires, we want someone who can come in and learn the ropes from him now. I said I know this was a crazy suggestion. But its one that I think definitly has some merit to it and should be considered. Although I see the good WR depth in the draft and if we could trade down and pick one up I would also be very happy!!

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    Re: Wr

    I hear ya is important to think about the future.

    You are right, our WRs will not last forever. Bruce does not have too many years left in him, but he seems to be staying pretty healthy at the moment and he still has lots of desire to play. Holt should have more years, but he may need to get some surgery done. I thought he was missing his normal high energy, positive attitude many times this year, and I have to wonder if he is playing with some pain.

    Questions ....

    Do you think that any of the other WRs on the team have any potential to take Curtis's spot if he leaves?

    How long does it take to develop a good WR in the NFL? Torry had a good first year. Do you think it takes longer than a year to develop a new WR?

    Do you think that Bruce is better than Holt as a mentor to a new WR?

    And I need to verify.... you would pick a WR as your 1st round pick if you were making the drafting decisions?

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    Re: Wr

    I believe Holt did have some minor surgery done recently and he was playing through some discomfort. I do believe he has got more like 5 good years left and Bruce about 2. In 5 years Holt will be Bruce's age now and Ike still had over 1000+ yds.

    I agree with itsguud about getting a young WR to groom because we need to think about the future. I think the price to move into the top 3-4 to Calvin Johnson would be to steep of a price and won't happen. However, I think a guy like Ted Ginn Jr. could be there for us at #13. I guy that could be our #3 and still come in and make an impact as our PR/KR. If you hold off on Bennent and put the money towards proven defensive players this could work out well.

    I know a lot of people want us to draft D in the first and a lot of people want Okoye, but I don't see how a 287 lbs DT helps us. He is not a true nose tackle and is undersized for that spot so he fits the mold of both Wroten and Glover. We need a plugger, whcih could still be found in Rd 2.

    As for how long it takes a WR to develop, I think it all depends on the system and the guys around him. I think any reciever with the oppurtunity to learn from Holt and Bruce would be blessed.

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