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    keith m. klink Guest

    Ya Just Gotta Love The Big Tuna.

    If you have , and i'm sure you did hear that the DOLPHINS and BIG BILL cut through the team like a sushi knife . it is very interesting that most drafts have the dolphins picking CHRIS LONG lately . and the RAMS either with DORSEY or JAKE LONG. But the DOLPHINS CUT 4-5 O-LINEMEN and included starting and backup tackles , a few GUARDS and TRENT GREEN ( will now be on his way back to ST. LOUIS as a backup ? ) and MARTY BOOKER . so it looks to me that the dolphins need either the best DT or OT in the draft , or they have someone their already talking to , too trade the 1st pick .. WHAT ya thinkin guy's . will CHRIS be there at #2 for us .

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Ya Just Gotta Love The Big Tuna.

    I certainly hope so. Even though the phins are doing alot of crazy stuff, I think they have a big plan to surprise us all.

    I really want Chris Long on this team. He'd make an immediate starter on the squad. I hope we get C. Long.

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    Re: Ya Just Gotta Love The Big Tuna.

    He also cut some interior d-linemen. He's going to be looking for guys who can play the 3-4.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Ya Just Gotta Love The Big Tuna.

    i think he dumped every DT they had , and every OT, also . if they don't take a DORSEY /ELLIS to start at a tackle position , than they have too be thinking OT. or trade for more picks ( PARCELLS ) and cover more positions . if they DRAFT LONG , i would just think the world is upside down .

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    Re: Ya Just Gotta Love The Big Tuna.

    And it would be very interesting to hear the conversations going on right now between Jerry Jones and Tuna. All I hear on the radio down here in Cowboys country is that Jones is drooling over McFadden. With Parcells doing some house cleaning, he needs picks to build up the Dolphins and the Cowboys have enough to give away.

    Just watch, these two will trade and the Tuna will build this Dolphin team to be a contender in three years or less.

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