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It's funny that at one point some scouts were putting him as the best WR in the draft.

4 reps and 16% bodyfat. seriously now, thats just pathetic for a player trying to bust into the NFL. If my job was to get the basic passing grade in college, all the while playing football knowing your going to get drafted, id spend a little more time in the weight room and eating mcdonalds a little less.

Look at this story here(sorry that its a link, delete if you have to)
Accountant To Play Football For Miami Dolphins | ThePostGame

He didnt play college football or anything. but in 3 months got in better shape the Wright.

This is a huge red flag for Wright. I wouldnt draft him in the 1st round and i'd easily take Jeffery over him in the 2nd.
wow that guy is bad! im happy for him! goign to watch his progress this year..