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    Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    Let's face it.

    Any of us who engage in the yearly ritual of playing amateur scout has had his or her share of "I told you so" (outside the box picks that really panned out) and D'oh!!! (predictions that were just plain wrong) moments.

    What is your biggest "I told you so" pick from recent drafts? How about your most embarassing "D'oh!!!"


    "I told you so!": Osi Umenyiora, DE, Troy (2003)
    Osi was one of my first "sleeper" picks when I really started getting into this draft stuff. He was a little known guy from Troy, but I saw some real pass rush ability in him. Seven years, 60 sacks later, I'd say I earned an "I told you so."

    "D'oh!!!": Clay Matthews, OLB, USC (2009)
    Here's what I said about him in March of 2009: "Here's a guy who had mediocre production and does not have a clear position in the NFL. So why is he rated a Top 100 pick by many? Well, could it be tha his name is Clay Matthews? Just remember... he was the third best LB on his own team last year." I'll be honest. I thought he was a steroid monster. D'oh!!!!!

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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    I told you so!: The "Godlike" Vernon Gholston, who was just cut from the Jets after 3 years without even a sniff of a quarterback. Even worse, the last two years he's played under one of the most blitz-happy coaches in the league. Then again, he'd actually have to be able to get on the field first to get a chance for a sack... Did I mention that he couldn't even pick up a 9 million dolar bonus this year for ONE sack, forced fumble, or fumble recovery?

    D'oh!: Chris Johnson. I felt like his blazing forty time at the combine was just that, a blazing forty time that showed he was a track star, but not a destined NFL star. You should never say never with running backs, as they are the most likely to break out, but I really didn't think he had it in him to break Marshall's yards from scrimmage record.
    I believe!

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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    My biggest "Told you so!" and "D'oh!" players were both from the same draft. 2007.

    "Told you so" would have to be Adam Carriker. From day one I thought this was the wrong guy to draft. He didn't seem to me to be spectacular in any way and he would be playing out of position. Thus far in his career, he hasn't done anything but prove me right. All he has done is added the "injury prone" label to his resume.

    Of course, one of the reasons I was so anti-Carriker was because I was the captain of the Alan Branch bandwagon. D'OH D'OH D'OH!!!!!!!

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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    Told Ya So:

    (Thought he'd be good, proved himself to be)

    - Chris Long

    I was a huge Chris Long fan in college, and was happy to see when the Rams drafted him.

    I saw him as a player with great bloodlines, an excellent work ethic and the ability to lead the defense. I never envisioned him as one who would lead the league in sacks or tackles, but I saw him as a bread and butter guy who does everything right and has staying power as a 10+ year starter as a bookend on the defensive line.
    So far, all my visions of what he'd be have been proven right. He's going to be around for quite some time and already has shown his abilities as a consistent playmaker on defense.


    - Speaking of happiness over a pick, I was completely overjoyed when Road Warrior Animal Jr. fell to the Rams in the second round, and did a Jersey Shore style fist pump when he was drafted.

    From the moment he hit the gridiron in Columbus, Laurinaitis showed a grittiness and field awareness that set him apart from the pack. He was a player I saw as a safe pick as you could get and felt he should have been picked higher than he was. I saw him as a guy who was a tackling machine who was good against the run and respectable in coverage. So far, so good, with over 200 tackles in two years. Between he and Long, I felt confident for the future with the defense, and so far nothing has been done to dispel my beliefs.

    (Thought he'd bust and did)

    - JaMarcus Russell:

    From the get-go, I felt like he was a bust waiting to happen.

    If you looked at just the physical tools alone, Russell was the prototype quarterback. He had the size of a linebacker, was athletic, somewhat quick (more shifty than fast, but mobile enough to avert defensive linemen or linebackers), had a rocket for an arm and played against a pretty high level of competition.

    However, work ethic, leadership and smarts were ALWAYS in question for Russell at LSU. Rumors of him being a pain in the ass to deal with on a coaching sense, and a high sense of self entitlement were pretty prevalent in draft circles, as were the questions of his willingness to put forth any kind of extra effort.

    To me, all the physical tools in the world can be negated by a crappy work ethic, an overblown ego (EVERY athlete in professional sports has ego, you have to in order to continue to grow and stay. However, when you have self entitlement issues and think your crap doesn't stink, that ego is a detriment), and questionable leadership ability. I've always said I'd take a QB with less physical gifts and higher intangibles (i/e Chad Pennington) than one with major physical tools but nothing upstairs.

    Russell lacked the intangibles and I felt he'd be a bust. He wound up being perhaps the biggest draft bust of them all.

    - Lawrence Phillips:

    It pains me to say his name on this list for obvious reasons. I hated the fact that the Rams traded Jerome Bettis to make this pick, and I hated them MAKING the pick.

    Don't get me wrong, with Phillips, the talent was there. I'll go one step further, I've watched college football since I was a kid in the '80s. I've seen many great players come through the ranks since then, however I've NEVER seen one with more God given ability than Phillips. I honestly believe he had the talent to be one of the best ever. He was that good.

    However, this guy is and SHOULD be the "what you don't want to be" worst case scenario for every single professional athlete ever to sign a contract. The guy had a track record a mile long, was a complete horse's behind as a teammate and to coaches, had the absolute worst sense of self entitlement I've ever seen and had so many red flags coming out of Nebraska that I wouldn't have touched the guy with a ten foot pole if I were a team's GM, especially not in the top 10.

    I was disgusted when the Rams took him, and sadly his "career" went exactly as I expected it to go... Nowhere due to his off-field crap and lousy attitude. You look at where his life is now, and it makes you almost sad to wonder how someone with such natural ability could be such an immature idiot.


    (Thought he'd be a flop, wound up being pretty darn good)

    - Nnmandi Asomaugh

    Coming out of Cal, I viewed Asomaugh as a fringe prospect as a free safety, who had some versitility to play cornerback. I never viewed him as being a particularly enticing prospect, felt his footwork and technique needed some work, and saw him as a player who would be an adequate at best defensive back on the NFL level.

    I remember when the Raiders drafted him with Tampa Bay's pick (they'd been compensated it for the Bucs signing John Gruden as coach), and making a snide remark about the Raiders being better off getting no compensation than wasting it on a fringe talent.


    (Thought he'd be a star and wound up being a flop)

    - Matt Leinart

    I remember being pretty peeved that he wound up falling to the Cardinals and felt like he would team with Larry Fitzgerald to form the next generation's Montana-to-Rice duo that we Ram fans would have to deal with twice a year.

    While I realized he was part of a star studded USC roster, I also felt he was the patriarch behind that run, the general of the army so to speak. Little did I know, and much to my pleasant surprise, he became lazy on the pro level, decided he'd rather party in Scottsdale with Paris Hilton than study the playbook and would fail to develop rapport with his teammates before fading out of Arizona with a whimper.

    Needless to say, I felt he'd be a hell of a lot better than Houston's 3rd stringer now.
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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    Rams told-ya-so:

    Chris Long (and attached to that, God-like Gholston) --- Huge fan of this kid, and I knew he would be a star with the Rams; also knew Gholston was going to bust

    Rams D'oh!:

    Adam Carriker --- I really thought this guy was going to be a stalwart on the Rams line, solidifying the run D, and contributing to the pass D. I was wrong.

    NFL told-ya-so:

    Joe Flacco --- I was touting this guy long before he made his meteoric rise to the 1st round of the draft.

    NFL D'oh!:

    Aaron Curry --- He may still become a star, but I thought he was going to be a world beater right out of the gate. I was sorely mistaken.

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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    My expectations for Aaron Curry were way off the mark. I was stupidly comparing him to Ray Lewis. Certainly taught me a lesson. Its not always about size, speed and definition.

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    Re: Your biggest recent draft "I told you so" and "D'oh!!!"

    I Told You so: Domenik Hixon, WR, Akron (2006)
    It would be easy enough to reference some of the more recent Rams first rounder decisions (preferring Long over Gholston, Ngata over Hill), but I don't feel real proud of calling it the way half the fanbase did. However, I didn't see a lot of people talking about Hixon as a player available on what was then the second day of the draft (Rounds 4-7) who could fill our need for a good return man. He's no Osi in the 4th, but I was happy to see his name popping up and knowing who he was when no one else seemed to.

    "D'oh": DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal (2008)
    At almost 5'10" and barely maintaining a weight of 170 lbs., I was convinced that Jackson was an injury waiting to happen. Worse, it seemed that half that weight was in his ego. I figured the odds that he'd make it as possibly the NFL's smallest receiver (which he very well might be) were pretty slim.

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