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    Your FA big Board

    With the Rams cap space, needs, and the players likely to be franchised in mind what does your FA big board look like

    1. Jacob Bell, OG, Titans
    2. Alan Faneca, OG, Steelers
    3. Justin Smith, DE, Bengals
    4. Mike Wahle, OG, Panthers
    5. Ken Hamlin, S, Cowboys
    6. DJ Hackett, WR, Sea Hawks
    7. Stacy Andrews, G/T, Bengals
    8. Ryan Lilja, OG, Colts
    9. Todd Collins, QB, Redskins
    10. Tony Richardson, FB, Vikings

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    Re: Your FA big Board

    I'd put Florence in their too. I think some team is going to snatch hm up for a steal, most likely the Pats when Samuel goes, and turn him into a pro bowler...

    Of course we won't do this, we'll watch it happen and pick him up after it happens just before he retires, when hes on the down side of his career.

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