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Thread: Is your head spinning yet? (Or... the James Joyce approach to the draft)

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    Is your head spinning yet? (Or... the James Joyce approach to the draft)

    Is it me, or is this one of the toughest drafts to get a handle on in recent memory?

    My thought process on this one has become a jumbled Joyce-like stream of consciousness that goes something like this...

    Chance Warmack is definitely my top choice... I know, and OG is not an exciting pick, but he's the best prospect.... well, then, he'll probably be gone... so who's next... probably a WR... Cordarrelle Patterson... but a lot of people say he's raw and won't contribute much as a rookie... can we afford that... okay, then, how about Tavon Austin... a 5'8 WR?.... yeah, but remember that highlight reel... okay, but is he ahead of Patterson?.... maybe not.... okay... what if they're both gone?.... Keenan Allen?.... man, I wish he worked out... maybe we go back to OG.... Cooper... actually, Fluker may be a better option at OG or RT... Ogletree sounds interesting.... but a LB that high? No.... okay... so Cooper or Fluker then Allen?... when is Allen's workout again?... ooh, what about Eddie Lacy... are you kidding?... well, Fisher fell in love with Trent Richardson last year... is Lacy as good... no, not a RB... at least not at No. 16.... maybe I'm looking at this WR thing all wrong... the Rams seem to have interst in Quinton Patton... he's not as exciting as Austin or Patterson, but he's polished, and could likely contribute as a rookie... does that matter?... shouldn't we just take the best guy?... what about safety?... gotta address that in Round 1 or 2, right?... maybe, maybe not... a lot of good safety prospects... maybe we could wait until Round 3 and take a LB in Round 2... Sio Moore? Too soon, maybe.... how about Khaseem Greene.... Okay... Austin, Fluker and Greene with the first three picks... but what if they're all gone before the Rams select?... Ugh!

    Maybe I should take a break from this for a few days.
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    Re: Is your head spinning yet? (Or... the James Joyce approach to the draft)

    Really cool post.

    I agree, on draft day I'm going to order a pizza and have a beer or two. This one is going to be interesting to say the least. The combination of players we can take seems endless.

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    Re: Is your head spinning yet? (Or... the James Joyce approach to the draft)

    Two points: Overall, it's amazingly hard because there are no stars that you can peg to certain teams with certainty. You knew the two QB's were going 1-2 last year. This year, the Chiefs aren't even meeting with whom their probable pick will be(either top OT).

    Second, because the Rams took care of two of their top needs in free agency(BTW, called it on a receiving TE), for better or worse, it means that the team is really open to take a legitimate BPA approach with two first round picks, and so they are more likely to go off script if someone drops and won't reach for a player just for a need. This makes it extremely hard to get a read on the Rams as the first round is already in flux, and they're just going to ride the waves and take whomever is left...
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    I believe!

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    Re: Is your head spinning yet? (Or... the James Joyce approach to the draft)

    Good post AV. Agree the head is still spinning and will be for the next 20 days. This is the type of draft that will do that. As Teke says there no players certain to go to any team. That's because this is a depth type draft with few elite players and plenty of solid ones. The strength I'm reading is in the rounds 2-4, so we'll probably go with BPA which will be a help down the road. Hard to fall in love with any player too much.

    Go Rams!

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