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    Zack Follett

    Hey guys. I have been looking around for possible linebackers in my new mock draft which I will post soon, maybe after we get our free agents signed so then I will get a better understanding. Anyways, I was looking for a guy that could play on the strong side and that we could pick up in the 3rd round. I found Zack Follett. He is projected in many places to go in the 3rd round which means we could get him. He is a very aggressive guy and he isn't too shabby in coverage either. So pretend that at round 3 SLB is our biggest need and Zack Follett is left. Would you take him?

    Here is a video of Zack Follett. I like this video because it shows how he welcomes hits and is very aggressive. He is just a pure beast.

    YouTube - Zack Follett Senior Bowl Practice 2009

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    Re: Zack Follett

    Zack is a young Pisa. Possibly better, possibly has the same weaknesses; too small to be as disruptive at/behind the LOS at the NFL level as he certainly was in college.

    I am a Cal fan & have seen him play a lot. He's intense,high-motor,smart, and like most Cal players under Coach Tedford's crew, well-coached & high-character.See Desean Jackson, Brendan Mebane,Alex Mack.

    I'd be concerned about the size thing. His position-all LBs are a bit psycho and style-his rallying cry was something like "here comes the Pain Train" may reduce his longevity/productivity.

    Doubt that he's a SAM in the NFL but he'd be a great STer immediately and possibly a great rotational guy at WILL,if not a starter. Depends on whether he can bulk up without going the Romanowski 'roid route.

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