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    ZigZag's 2005 Rams Mock

    I've thought heavily about how recent trends have been with the Rams drafting and Martz's history. Here's how I think things will shake down.

    Round 1, Pick 1: Anttaj Hawthorne - Defensive Tackle (Wisconsin)
    Round 2, Pick 2: Andrew Walter - Quarterback (Arizona State)
    Round 3, Pick 3: Maurice Clarett - Running Back (Ohio State)
    Round 3, Pick 4: Chris McKenzie - Cornerback (Arizona State)
    Round 4, Pick 5: Drew Hodgdon - Center (Arizona State)
    Round 5, Pick 6: Jimmy Verdon - Defensive End (Arizona State)
    Round 6, Pick 7: R.J. Oliver - Cornerback (Arizona State)
    Round 7, Pick 8: Daniel Lynch - Guard (Catawba)

    Man I hope I'm wrong.

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    Re: ZigZag's 2005 Rams Mock

    Five AZ State players, nice. And Hawthorne has seen his stock drop recently, so I guess if you're going by recent trend, then he's probably as safe a pick as any for the Rams in terms of defensive line.

    And as an additional note, you mentioning Clarett reminds me of reports last season about the Rams being interested in him. I wonder now that he's available if they'll be looking his way once more.

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    Re: ZigZag's 2005 Rams Mock

    :redface: ...Th'll do donkey...Th'll do...


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