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    d4nnystl539 Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Oh yeah, you're right. I forgot I could do that. I feel dumb.

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Sorry I have not been keeping up with the thread guy's, but was busy getting our house rented and getting stuff for Superbowl. Ok, don't remember his name, but the guy that sang his both languages and Danny from the first show, are my predictions for this year.

    What say ye Red?
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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    OK…sorry that I have neglected to post after each show. Very hectic week for me as far as court cases and strange hours. Enough with my problems, let’s get to the Idols.

    Florida auditions January 27th

    Joshua…lot’s of star ability…already full of himself…will go beyond Hollywood

    Sharon…shiatsu girl….I like her voice but it won’t hold up during the competition. I can see her losing her voice.

    Dana….YIKES…the voice…the dress…both straining and hard on the senses.

    Kaneswa…sounded like a deaf person trying to sing….

    Julissa…Again…lose the bangs…and the Frankenstein laugh…needs to sing country with that Texas drawl of hers though…she would go farther.

    Darin…Kaneswa’s brother

    Naomi…all a set up to get her friend in there to meet Randy….

    Jasmine….judges liked her…I thought she sucked…too nasally

    George the nerd…freakin scary….this guy will end up mailing bombs through the mail….

    T.K. Hash….hated his version of Imagine….will make it past Hollywood if he doesn’t try to be cute with the songs again

    Michael….spoiled brat…wanted to knock him on his butt when he told his mother “don’t touch me” when she tried to hug him when he came out crying. The kid is a punk.

    Anne Marie…like her voice…like her look…like her personality…could make final three.

    Still looking for my choice to win it all.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Salt LakeCity…January 28

    Okay…I’m getting bored with the auditions…I want the head to head competition to start…but….I am an AImaniac…so on with the show.

    How did you all like Randy sporting the leopard skin cowboy boots?

    Oh my….it figures we would have an Osmond. The father with MS is sad, yes, his son inheriting it is unfortunate too, but daddy constantly weeping was annoying. I know I’m being an ass about this, but I can’t help it.

    David…hated the song…all the whoa whoa oooohhh yeahhhhhhhh garbage. If he wasn’t an Osmond…he would have never gotten through, but his name got him to Hollywood. I predict he won’t get past Hollywood though.

    Tara…the dominatrix with ESP…she doesn’t need a whip to torture her subjects…all she has to do is sing to them.

    Aleesha…sounded like she swallowed a vibrator.

    Katie…look at me…gorgeous…belongs on Broadway.

    Rich…the coke freak…rocker dude. Did you see him run that tongue around his lips and the eyes dart around as his head jerk to and fro like a chicken? Super coke hound.

    Chris…and his buddy Greg the Rabbit…a man after my own heart (the bunny, not the singer)

    Frankie….love her….she almost makes me want to pull the trigger and name her as the winner….I….I….I….can’t

    Megan…neat person…very pretty…don’t know about the voice myself…need to hear more…

    Andrew….needs to find a girlfriend

    Austin…class president…did you get a load of those “senior class sweaters”…typical boy band singer…won’t last long

    Taylor…one very big girl for 16 (tall and looks every bit of 25). Will make top 10.

    Rose…the hippie girl…I just want to adopt her…like her voice…will make it past Hollywood but will be just outside of top 10

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    New York and San Juan…January 29

    Surprising that New York couldn’t get enough talent on it’s own to have to share the spotlight…

    Adeola…resigned her job to go to audition…mistake…Simon did a good thing getting her job back for her…but really…why don’t these people record themselves singing without any music to get a reality check.

    Jorge…my God what a voice….as soon as he belted out the first song I said to myself…THIS IS IT…this is my pick to win.

    Jessika…I thought she had a good voice…I’m totally shocked that the judges didn’t let her through. Only thing I can think of is that her voice overpowered the accustics of the room she was singing in.

    Melinda…the nudist…very happy person…very naughty too…better watch those blouse puppies though…almost had a wardrobe malfunction there.

    Jackie Tohn…when they first said her name I thought they said Jackie Chong…I thought she was Tommy Chong’s daughter. Interesting voice…very smokey…but she makes some weird faces when she’s singing…kind of like Joe Cocker.

    Kate…hated it

    Carlos…hated it

    Antyon…hated it

    Jasmine…the boom box beat machine…hated it

    Joel…a character…but it was clear he was auditioning for MTV as a goofball VJ

    Norman Gentle…I love this guy…absolutely love him. I hope they keep him through to the public votes, because I can see him going far as a fan favorite. He won’t win, but would be so much fun to see what he would do next each week.

    Nicole…pretty girl…lousy voice…but then again…you don’t…….Okay I won’t go there.

    Mark….the red headed step child (bad hair color job) and bad voice

    Michael…looked like he was getting an electric shock every time he tried a high note.

    Monique…the little brother got her through…he’s the star…she’s not.
    Alexis…was much better last year…Madonna was not the right song choice…she’s much better as Janis Joplin…but I love her attitude…she’s a freakin character, and I want her back next year.

    Patricia….good voice…pretty smile…top 10 finalist.

    Hollywood week coming up. Can’t wait. I’m on vacation, so I will be sure to post the same nights Idol airs.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    February 3, 2009

    It’s here, it’s here…Hollywood week. The jeers, the tears, the drama that is American Idol condensed into a high stress talenthon where only the tough survive. Since I am on vacation, I am writing this live.

    The contestants got a big boost this year by having coaches there and stylist to improve their look.

    Lil…very powerful voice…doing Whitney Houston is always a risky thing…but she pulled it off

    Dennis…Goodbye, terrible. Oh, then he comes back out to embarrass himself. He just demonstrated a typical sense of entitlement and disrespect for authority that engenders much of our youth today.

    Nathaniel…the song was terrible and Paula is right…it stayed at a flat level…oh and now crying…please take those metal studs out of your lip

    Anoop….OK voice…nothing special

    Jasmine…didn’t like her in her first audition, but the judges seem to like her for some reason.

    Rose…in rehearsals she said something revealing. She was asked why she was there, and she said she was there for her parents (who have past away). If she isn’t there for herself, I don’t see her going far. She made it through, but I thought her performance was uninspired and she should have been cut.

    Stephen…they should fire the stylist assigned to him.

    Jorge…he’s my boy…going to win it all

    Von….over the top and comical…bye bye…I can’t believe they let him through. It’s votes like this that make me consider the expert judge process to be a fraud.

    Nick (was Norman)…or wait…he is staying Norman….I love this guy…Simon needs to get over this whole “serious”stuff…but glad he let him through. They should allow him to at least do some comic stuff. It will be interesting when he has to do a whole song.

    Jackie…need to keep her for change up…but honestly won’t go far

    Jamar….better friend than singer…but enough to get through

    Danny….very good…happy for him going through…I don’t know how he’s doing this having lost his wife a few weeks back.

    Bikini Girl….Katrina….nice black night gown…Simon definitely has the hots for her.

    Jeremy….he just seems to need to sing country and not those boy band tunes

    Jesus…flat…bye bye

    David Osmond…why audition…of course he’s going through

    Erika…not good enough to go through, but had to come back out and beg…didn’t work and Paula was a weasel to say she had said yes, but had written no on the vote card.

    Emily…why would you go out and sing a song you haven’t rehearsed., but if Von went through, she should….

    This episode could have been directed and produced better. Very disappointing as far as drama and entertainment value. I’m looking forward to the group round tomorrow night.

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    I have not even seen it yet, but can't wait to hear Jorge. I think he is the guy I picked on the last show, I just could not remember his name.

    I have to go turn myself in on another thread, and if I get written up, will you save be Red?

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    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirlRamsFan View Post
    I have not even seen it yet, but can't wait to hear Jorge. I think he is the guy I picked on the last show, I just could not remember his name.

    I have to go turn myself in on another thread, and if I get written up, will you save be Red?

    Are you asking if he will represent you pro-bono?

    GO RAMS!!

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    He better do it for free!! OK, yep it was Jorge who I predicted in the last show.

    Here are my top 3. Jorge, Danny, and the big oil driller.
    Quote Originally Posted by ramsanddodgers View Post
    Are you asking if he will represent you pro-bono?

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Okay…let’s hope this show is better than last night’s

    February 4, 2009

    Now comes the fun with the contestants having to form into groups and develop a song and routine together to impress the judges. As usual, there will be members of certain groups that try to run everything, and others that just flake out and go party leaving everyone else to do the work. Let’s see what happens tonight.

    The opening segment just ended with turkey laugh girl changing groups. A lot of people think it unfair that an individual talent competition should eliminate so many based on group dynamics. I believe it’s a test to see how they operate under when coming together with musicians and other singers in lets say a recording studio or concert. Of course, they all are being told they must embrace the “star” in them.

    Turkey laugh girl goes back to her old group…pissing the group she begged to join…only to get her old group all pissed at her.

    Rose the hippie girl picked a very strange group to be with. Bikini girl looks to be going maverick on the rest of the group.

    Stud lip boy and his throwing a hissy fit was funny to watch. In all the time they spent fighting and arguing, they could of just gone to bed, got some rest, and got up early in a better mood to work together. But Noooooooooooooooooooo.

    Simon’s declaration that you forget the lyrics and you are out…well…lets see if he really means it

    The first group was great and put a high bar for the rest of the contestants. They were fantastic.

    The second group never bothered to learn the words…why the guys got through I have no idea.

    The third group’s dancing was terrible…they looked like they had to go to the bathroom. Punk rock girl forgot the words, so bye bye.

    The fourth group with the Queen song…very together

    The fifth and sixth groups were smokin…some kind of wonderful

    The seventh group with hippie girl and bikini girl…the odd couple indeed. Jasmine with the nasal voice got through…I still don’t like her voice…but again the judges for whatever reason like her. Bikini girl is gone…and thank goodness…what a beoch. Sorry to see hippie girl go, but she really didn't’t have the talent to go far.

    Eighth group gets through, but Turkey laugh girl needs to die. Simple.

    The ninth group…their lack of work together showed and the girl that got voted off refused to accept her lack of talent done her in and not the others in her group.

    I see comedy guy made it through (although his group wasn't shown) so that’s something to look forward to.

    In the meantime…see you next week all you closet American Idol fans who are resisting on joining this thread. Come on. You know you want to!!!!
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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Off to watch it now. Been home with baby girl,.........she has been so sick with a virus. She is asleep and comphy so don't worry Uncle Squishy.

    My report will be tommorrow.

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    d4nnystl539 Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    I'm going to have to agree. I think it should be between Jorge and Danny. That Norman Gentle dude is hilarious. I really don't know why he is still in the show though. He can perform, I'll give him that, but I don't think his voice is good enough to make it far. That Adam Lambert guy, who sings like a rocker, is good too. Anne Marie, Casey Carlson, Frankie Jordan, Jackie Tohn, Joanna Pacitti are hot, and are also my favorites. But in the end, I think it might come down to Jasmine Murray being the final girl.

    The reason i know all the names is the official website. I'm just clarifying...

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    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    I can't believe Emily (the girl with the pinkish hair) got cut. What a bummer. I thought she could sing very well.

    One of my favorites is Anoop the indian guy. That guy can SING.

    Danny is also one of my other favorites. His group was very good.

    White Chocolate the first group was amazing.

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Chiming in on last weeks show.Bikini girl ruined it for the whole group.

    Danny? Jorge? One of my front runners for sure.

    The 1st group all deserved to go through, (and they did). That group was amazing. They brought Rap and harmony all together,

    Nate? Not going any where.

    Tatsiaana? Complete flake. I don't know who could tolerate this girl.

    Sleeping bakini girl ruined it for her whole group. Rose knew they would fail, quite sad.

    Pink hair girl should have made it through.

    Jorge, Danny, Matt, Jeramy and Adam. I actualy think Adam can make this.

    Till tonight you idol fans!!!!!
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    bigredman Guest

    Re: American Idol for Ram Fans Official Thread

    Hollywood week continues, and this time we get to see some instruments finally.


    February 10, 2009

    Back to watching via TIVO the next day. I won my arbitration case today, a big one worth 6 million dollars in possible liability that I saved the company (if only I was in private practice), so I am celebrating with a martini and my little singers.

    Holding room cuts right off the bat. Still too rushed and not enough behind the scenes. Very disappointed.

    Adam…a great look…the voice is a little too high for my taste, but I can see all the young girl jumping on that bandwagon.

    Matt…playing the electric piano…I like the voice…very textured in the lower range. He can get rid of all the ooooooohhhhhoooooooohhhhhhhhhh’s though.

    Jamar…..Asian dude in green jacket with the prison tats….liked him.

    Danny…the raspy voice has obvious limits that will hurt him eventually.

    Commercial….so I walk into this bar and there is this guy with a steering wheel sticking out of his fly in his pants. I ask him; “What’s with the steering wheel?” The guy replies; “Aye, it’s driving me nuts!” (credit to My Name is Earl TV series) Oh, and is anyone else bothered by those H and R Block commercials with the Cyclopes people. They just totally weird me out…..shhhhhhhhhhhhh…..AI is back on

    Anoop…..sounds better to me tonight….a keeper

    Jorge….my pick to win it all….didn’t like his selection tonight, but he will make it through. Come to me Jorge…let me guide you…mold you into the next American Idol!!!

    Scott….good voice but nothing I haven’t heard in many a piano bar before. I think the song he selected just didn’t “bring it” for me.

    Kendall…she’ll make it through….barely…because of the country singing

    Stevie (girl with huge head)…wasn’t impressed

    Lil…mother of three…great voice and will definitely go through

    Kristen…Seacrest pulled a dirty trick on her about that black girl who cussed her out being behind her to apologize…powerful voice…man that mouth of hers can get HUGE.

    Mishavonna…is mishavonnagoodvoice (Miss having a good voice, get it? I’m here all week!)

    Tatiana….the camera shot of Simon just before she began to sing tells me he has grown tired of her turkey laugh and desperate attitude and over the top performance…especially at the end of her song

    Alexis…me want…me likey Alexis…reminds me of AlphaRam’s wife Lynne. SEXY.


    Jasmine…will make it through simply because for whatever reason the judges love her. Can’t wait until America gets to vote her off.

    Nathaniel…the gayish tatted drama queen boy…his singing was indeed “disturbia”.

    Joanna…needs to grow up a bit…become more professional…learn the lyrics sweetie.

    Casey…cute as a button…but you forget the lyrics and you are not already famous…bye bye.

    Steven…afro piano player…can play good…can sing good…but can’t remember good.

    Oh my God…they just called Tatiana back out of Room 2…stay tuned

    Norman aka Nick…sang Georgia on my mind with great showmanship…Simon won’t like it, but the rest of the judges should.

    Anne Marie…picked a song that many other good singers picked. Could be bad…We’ll see.

    Ju’not….can’t tell from the little they showed, but he sounded good.

    Love the look everyone gave Tatiana in room 4 when she went in. It was like “Oh hell, we’re toast!”

    Kaylan…was doing so good until Simon ended her song with a sideways look of disgust…kiss of death and she knew it.

    Leneshe….putting way too much pressure on herself…but sounded it good…should make it through.

    Kai…..the voice was shot

    Michael…the oil man (Cheri’s heart throb)…will make it through with a solid performance, but I just notice what room he is in…I don’t know if he made it through.

    Room 2….as soon as they panned some of the people in the room…I knew it was a winner room. Although I am surprised the afro piano player got through……

    Room 3….no recognizable faces except the girl who was putting too much pressure on herself…knew they were gone.

    Commercial time…Room 4 is toast I predict…Kays Jewelers commercial reminds me…while I was on vacation…I went down to Porterville, CA and visited my oldest son and kicked him in the butt to buy his fiancé a ring…he did…went to Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace in Bakersfield in a limo and he proposed with the ring on the dance floor…she cried…I cried…everyone cheered…it was a great time.

    Room 1 has Jorge…they go through…no problem…here comes the announcement….they are through of course.

    Room 4…here it comes…oh my God…it’s YES…I can’t believe it…at least my comedy guy got through…. Tatiana I predict will have a nervous breakdown and won’t be able to continue before she is eliminated by either judges or America.

    Good episode after all. Good night and kisses everyone…….
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