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    Re: Attention Milan-serbian/yugoslavian info

    The reason socialism doesn't work is that you can't pay a doctor the same as a dustman. There's no incentive to excel and it controverts basic human nature.

    Society is an aggregate of individuals and you have to motivate the individual to contribute. In contrast, Socialism is all about ironing out the individual impulse and emphasising commonality and plurality.

    It doesn't work and it hasn't worked.

    Yugoslavia however, from what I'm aware, always had a flourishing private economy to go along with the command economy of the state. Tourism was consequently always a big earner.

    As far as welfare system's go the US is nowhere near being a socialist model, for that you would have to go to France or the UK where taxation is actively used as a method of wealth re-distribution rather than merely revenue collection.
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    Re: Attention Milan-serbian/yugoslavian info

    Quote Originally Posted by psycho9985
    But did they have freedom of speech?The right to protect their home with force?I know they didnt have the right to own property or openly pray.I'm sure the only news they heard was what the gov. only let them hear.All those things are cherrished in the U.S.and they are under constant attack by homegrown socialist,and their the vast minority,but their winning.
    #1. The Freedom of Speech issue, if you think about it does anyone get total freedom of speech? People have become so sensitive that the media has to censor the word Gun.
    #2. I'm sure they had the right to defend their property, if some unarmed burglar came along they wouldnt lie back and let him rob them. Also there would be no need to defend your home from burglary as everyone is equal.

    And yes, the openly pray thing was bad, they weren't allowed to go to church...even though a lot of the popes were communists as well, I guess when the country doesn't have to spread it's money to a big population, it can work.

    The thing that I'm against is people who do harder jobs are payed the same as people with easier jobs.

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