OK, here's the story:
Mom & I got our first big screen TV this summer...a 10 year-old Panasonic. (Hey, we won it in a raffle...our other TV is only 5 years old, and works great.) It is a rear-projection 51" model. It has got its share of problems, but will most likely last us until the end of the season. Beyond that, well, it might make a really cool aquarium for someone...
We are trying to do some early comparison shopping. In the old days, if you wanted a TV, the choices were easy. Pick color or B & W, pick a size, then decide if you wanted a console TV or not. Now, it's different. You have HDTV, Plasma, LCD, Rear Projection, Front Projection, etc.
We have some limits, call them choices, already in place. Screen size must not be smaller than a 50", no larger than 100". It must be HDTV. Picture quality must be above average. It must be something we can take with us when we move. And lastly....it must be affordable. (This knocks out plasma...)
We are starting to look at front projection TV. Kinda like a movie theater...projector mounted above and behind us, and a screen to watch the picture on. Anyone have any experiences with FPTV? Any recommendations? We ask for help...we want to see the 2006 Rams win in a very large, HDTV format!