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    Book Review: Bleachers

    Just read John Grisham's novel "Bleachers," about a High School football star returning to his home town for the death/funeral of his former coach.

    The book did a very good job of painting a portrait of a small town football team and recreating the moments of their biggest game. The characters were somewhat stereotypical, and might remind one of those from such movies as "Remember the Titans" and "Varsity Blues." In fact, the book reads as though it was written specifically to become a movie.

    The emotional payoff at the end I found somewhat flat and rushed. There really was not much of a message to the book, other than the hackneyed "you have to forgive others before you can forgive yourself" kind of moral.

    If you grew up in a small town where football was big or played on your High School team, you will probably relate to and enjoy this book. It certainly is an easy, page-turner, kind of read.

    All in all, I give it 2 1/2 stars out of 4.

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    Re: Book Review: Bleachers

    Just bought the book and haven't had a chance to read it, as I don't do much of that in the summer.

    Thanks for the overview, I am looking forward to reading it this fall. I now have 2 books on my shelf for the winter from this forum. Bleachers and Enders Game. Should be a good winter :tongue:

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    Re: Book Review: Bleachers

    It's a huge change from any other Grisham book that I read. It held my interest, but like you said, the ending was very flat.

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    Re: Book Review: Bleachers

    Enders game, thats a good book

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