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    Clan Ram member needing assistance with school survey (will Rams help)

    Hello everyone, I am a loyal member of Clanram and have been here since 2007 and I had a question and a favor to ask my fellow members. I have not created it yet because I am unsure if people will participate and help me with my class. Well I have an assignment that is to determine the service quality of Ally Bank and Bank of America. I planned on making a short survey to have people complete to get a feel on the companies service, but IDK if 1. people have Ally bank and 2. people will participate. Please leave a comment below if you would be willing to help me out and do the survey for me if I create it. It is my senior year and I will be moving to St.Louis once I graduate to actually work for the rams organization so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get so I can move to the great city and start my new life (after passing this class)

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    Re: Clan Ram member needing assistance with school survey (will Rams help)

    I have skank of America, i can help out.

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    Re: Clan Ram member needing assistance with school survey (will Rams help)

    you`ve got a job lined up with the Rams if you graduate?

    see when i was in my final year it was a case of..if you graduate you will be an officer in the army and get shot at. or if you don`t you will be a grunt in the army and be shot at more often.

    i think i prefer your options.

    alas i can`t help you tho..i`m with the Halifax,in Great Britain.

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