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    Drew Guest

    Clanram FO......

    last night i was on another site,not football related-a site for people affected by "bi-polar affective disorder" which i am one of and have known the peeps running the show for the last 4 years,anyway....

    they want to upgrade the site and i told them to visit this site to see how beautiful a site can be.....they were in awe of how good it looked and would love to know about the technical computer stuff that was/is used to run it?

    i dont know much about computers myself or website building,hence the use of poor jargon!lol but they are relatively in the know....

    so any information i can pass onto them would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Clanram FO......

    well I made the site but it would be very complicated to go into it here without knowing their tech level.

    Most of the main components and bought.

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: Clanram FO......

    What a great compliment! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


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