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    Crisis On The Horizon - Will You Help?

    In the 70's and 80's, retailers of waterbeds were selling the wonders of somnia hydraulics faster than hot cakes. The young swingers of that generation have gotten older. Along with the older age, the ailments common with advancement in years have reared their ugly head. As a result, older chicks with saggy headlights cannot make their waterbeds as arthritis has gnarled their hands to where the application of the linens is impossible. Gray-haired guys yell out in pain as their backs wrench-up to leave them impersonating an upside down letter "L".

    Who will come forth to assist these aging Americans persist in their desire to sleep on the motion of the ocean? And when will Congress pass a law to require some of the beds in nursing homes be waterbeds? Who will add biocide treatment to the waveless matress when granny is getting fed her Jello after bingo? Who will step forward to help with this crisis?

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    Re: Crisis On The Horizon - Will You Help?

    Ahhh...give them all surfboards to lay on

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    Re: Crisis On The Horizon - Will You Help?

    I do not think that surf boards are covered by Medicare.


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