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    Decorum on the Forum

    When I joined this forum a year ago, I anticipated talking with a lot of knowledgable fellow Rams fans and have not been disappointed. The conversations have been good ones and many times thought provoking. But the one peeve I have is that there are a few on board who seem to delight in arguing even the most benign observations, offer sarcastic responses or generally try to draw the ire of the poster. I think it's unnecessary and detracts from the Forum.

    I'm certainly not talking about challenging someone's opinion- which is the way we generate discussion, offer viewpoints and talk over an issue. It's the picking apart of every word a person says and the intolerance shown by some in making their own point on an issue. Some of those who use the buzz phrases about "having patience", "being positive", "showing your loyalty", etc. also seem to feel that the best way to get their message across is to try to make the other person feel like an idiot.

    Everyone on this forum has varying degrees of knowledge about the Rams- some more than others, depending on age, experience, etc. No one needs to be beaten over the head with an "I have more knowledge than you" post in tone, if not actual words.

    I am one of many on the board whose opinions are occassionally rejected- which is fine if the criticisms are fair. I have occassionally used frustration in responding to someone I thought missed the boat completely- which is wrong. I include myself when I say that a better overall effort must be made to respond in kind to posts we don't necessarily agree with.

    I think the losing has gotten to many of us.

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    Re: Decorum on the Forum

    There are passionate fans on the form and we will disagree but one opinion is one opinion. We should appreciate a different in each other thought process about the rams. I been a ram fan since 1978 and I still learn something new all the time form different from members.
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    Re: Decorum on the Forum

    I can understand your feelings on this matter. Believe me, there are some people on this forum I think need a good old fashioned military blanket party...with soap and socks, if you follow me.

    One thing I have learned is that every person here who attempts to contribute in a constructive manner, even if they are of a different viewpoint than the majority, can teach us all something we didn't know about football, the Rams, or something. I'm not going to mention anyone by name, but there are several highly visible posters who have differing viewpoints from my own. They disagree with me often, but they are rational in their arguments, respectful of my opinion, and calm in their responses. That's what the discussion board is for - so each of us can speak our mind in a calm, rational, respectful manner. As long as every poster follows the rules, there should never be any problems or hurt feelings. When things are pushing the limits, well, that's when all of us moderators step in. We're not perfetc, but we shure try. We're even kept in check by each other, and if things aren't kept within the rules, the Big Guy steps in....and you don't mess with a Scotsman's Rams forum! If you think one of the mods needs to look at something we might have missed, PM us. We are here to keep the peace and enforce the rules. Sometimes we discuss things privately, sometimes we just take action on things. It depends on what it is.

    And you are right - the frustration of losing is very tiresome. I became a Rams fan in '99 - call me a bandwagon fan if you must - and I am not used to seeing the Rams on the losing side of things. It does get to me, and I do get sarcastic about things at times, but if I do, feel free to call me on it in a PM.

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    Re: Decorum on the Forum

    I think that the anonymity of the internet leads to this type of behavior in any message board. I feel that this board is far and above most others in the way conversations are had, and the way people conduct themselves. Yes losing brings out the worst in people, but whenever I start to feel frustrated by the CR, I like to head over to espn and read the responses there, over even sometimes youtube. Ten minutes on those sites will really make you appreciate the good fortune you have right here.

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    Re: Decorum on the Forum

    honustly, not to be a ****, but i am getting so tired of these constant posts of "decorum on the forums", so what if you have to spend 8 sec. reading a stupid post (maybe like this one IYO), get over it, its not big deal and i am tired of all the complaining. blah blah blah

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    Re: Decorum on the Forum

    Well Alec it sounds like you should have taken your own advice. The title of this thread was a dead give away as to what it was about and you didn't have to read it at all.

    I joined this forum almost a year or so ago, and at that time the venom on the board was incredibly thick and heavy. Being new to the forum, though I have been a Rams fan since the 70's, I really didn't expect too many people to take my posts all that seriously. On forums where the number of posts is counted and displayed there is often a bias to believe new posters are ignorant, and posters with huge counts are fountains of wisdom. The result at was that I left the forum and only recently came back. And I have to say the improvement compared to before is staggering. I have even found myself agreeing with posters now that previously we were nearly at war with each other.

    Yes, pretty much all of us are tired of losing. And we can get pretty heated during and after a game. Especially with some of the nail biters we have had this year. I have been trying to hold off making any comments myself the day of the game, and waiting until the next day so I have time to cool off. I know for those who only look at and count stats, they see nothing but a losing record, but I have been watching all the games, and even with all the mistakes I see something positive in nearly every game. I am looking forward to the off season and seeing what direction Spags goes during the draft and free agency. There were only so many changes he could make this year, and let's face it we have a lot of needs at a lot of positions.

    All of this can make for some pretty heated discussions. As long as we can keep away from calling each other names, and avoid making personal attacks, the way things seem to have been mostly going right now, I think we can all enjoy the forum more.

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