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    Dez, have you been "implanted" yet?,2933,144884,00.html

    Put It On the Tab
    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    There's a bar in Scotland where everyone could soon know your name and everything else about you.

    Bar Soba, an ultra-hip Asian fusion bar and restaurant in Glasgow, is offering regulars a "digital wallet" a microchip implanted in the upper arm that transmits unique personal information to a radio receiver on the premises.

    The size of a grain of rice and implanted by a medical professional, the chip guarantees entrance to the bar on crowded nights and keeps track of your bar tab, as well as other relevant information.

    "By the time you walk through the door to the bar, your favorite drink is waiting for you and the bar staff can greet you by name," Brad Stevens, owner of the venue, told The Observer of London.

    The concept's already caught on with customers at two trendy joints in Barcelona, Spain, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    "The main benefit is that you can go out without having to carry a wallet, which can get easily lost in a nightclub," said Steve van Soest, one of more than 100 people "chipped" by the Baja Beach Club (search) in Barcelona

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    Re: Dez, have you been "implanted" yet?

    Sounds only doable if Taxi Cabs can scan for a fare too.


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