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    moklerman Guest

    Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    Has this been done here recently? Sorry if it has, but I saw it posted on the Giants board and thought it would be a good topic to cover here.

    I say "favorite" because "best' is too subjective.

    Here's a few of mine:

    1. Best of Times (Robin Williams & Kurt Russell)
    2. Heaven Can Wait (Rams in the Super Bowl, baby!)
    3. American Flyers (bike racing with Kevin Costner)
    4. Longest Yard ('nuff said!)
    5. The Natural (baseball movies are usually better than actual baseball games)
    6. Major League (see above)

    Okay, now I'll give you guys a chance. I have more but these are some of the top one's for me.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    Why was MY thread moved? It has football and the Rams in it? Need I refer the moderators to posts that have neither and haven't been moved?

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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    This thread fits perfectly on this board (Film and Music).

    Some other good ones: Chariots of Fire, Field of Dreams, Remember the Titans, Caddyshack, Bull Durham, Varsity Blues, Rocky.

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    Mr.Blond Guest

    Re: Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    61* by Billy Crystal. Best sports movie I've ever seen, specially cuz I'm a Yankee fan.

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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    North Dallas Forty
    Unnecessary Roughness
    Slap Shot

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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie(s)

    Without a doubt, "Kingpin".

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