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    Final Word about Advertising Banners

    Several of the members have been expressing their concerns about the advertising banners displayed on the ClanRam site. Here's the story:

    This site has a LOT of traffic. Traffic = bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money.

    Pages are hosted on servers. Servers are NOT free. Hosting costs a lot of money.

    This site has a great design. Web page designing costs a lot of money.

    No one is forced to pay to become a member. Dez has set up the "premium" membership that offers a lot of extra features, and it only costs $10 to join. Considering the extras also cost money, Dez is still coming out on the losing end of things financially by offering the membership so cheap.

    These 'irritating' ad banners are what pays the bills. It has been suggested that if more people would be willing to pony up a measley $10 for the premium membership, so many ads wouldn't be needed.

    We have a FREE site here, with a lot of great content you won't find elsewhere. If the ads bother you, there are things you can do to reduce the number of ads that appear here:

    1. Become a premium member. It won't stop the need for ads, but it would help pay the bills.

    2. Come up with a solution to increase revenue to the point that the costs associated with the site can be covered, and PM me with the idea. If it is a viable solution, I will be happy to forward the idea to Dez.

    Last question - is it so hard to click on an ad or two to insure the Clan has a home?

    Sorry about the rant, but I am sure this site costs more to run than most members imagine.


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    Re: Final Word about Advertising Banners

    Love to help but I just blew all of my money on that Doc's Sports Betting site that I found advertised here.


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