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    I decided last night to look up a little more on my family history after running across an article online. The author had a surname not too uncommon in the US, but she was from England, and since there are not too many families with that spelling variation left, I got curious.
    Several hours and many beers later, I was researching Royalty from the middle ages, particularly from 1066-1400.
    Man, is my family ever messed up! Mixed up in the past are William the Conquerer, the Pope, the Knights Templar, King Edward, the Tudors, Henry VIII, King George, the crusades, the House of Orleans, the House of Bourbon, etc.
    Does anyone know of any really good websites that contain information on French nobility in the Picardy/Flanders/Normandy region of France? Or on the members of the Knights Templar? These two things are kind of screwing up the possibility of connecting the early history of my family to anything before 1066...


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    Re: Genealogy

    You got me interested Sam.My mother used to be hooked on that.All I remember is being related to Judge Roy Bean, Ronnie Milsap,and an Admiral from the war of 1812.


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