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    Mooselini Guest

    Had my car window smashed...

    By a meth addict. Yes...

    I was watching South Park in my room. And my room window was opened. The next thing I hear is a window shattering. The first thought that went through my mind was "oh &#*@ thats my car!"

    So my brother and I ran outside and turned the light on. By the time we had turned the light on, the guy had booked it into his truck and sped off.

    I decided to call my friend, who called his parents. We described the vehicle and my friend's dad happened to be out side smoking when a vehicle similar to the description drove by. He followed a white pick up truck 27 miles. The cops eventually pulled the guy over and everyone thought everything was good and taken care of.

    ....WRONG. The guy they had pulled over ALSO was a victim. Apparantly, he had parked his car and walked inside to grab his jacket. The burglar walked up to his truck after the other guy had went inside his house. The robber took his car stereo and his girl friend's purse. The victim decided to drive around the neighborhood looking for the guy who stole his stuff. The victim happens to drive a white pick up truck as well. So the victim gets pulled over and the police realize that he is innocent. He had drove out that far to drop his girlfriend off at her house because she was startled.

    So the cops decided to come back to my house (jeez it only took them an hour and a half). When I am filling out my police report...ANOTHER case of a stereo being stolen out of a car was reported.

    So in one night, someone (or a group of people) are smashing windows or getting into unlocked cars to steal anything that may be of value to get their drug money. THREE CARS! Who knows, there could be more.

    Not only that, earlier on MY street. Literally FOUR houses away, a man was robbed. And we live in a good neighborhood. Across the street from the college and all the schools. A very quiet neighborhood with very minimal crime activity.

    And in the end, I am a victim of it. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Well I am hurt because I got a piece of glass stuck in my hand from cleaning it. But other than that, no one is hurt physically.

    I'm just shaken up a bit. Can't sleep.

    But I needed to vent and type it down. This is the first time I am a victim of anything like this and I am just shaken up.

    In the end, everybody is safe...

    GO RAMS. (lol)

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Had my car window smashed...

    Quote Originally Posted by TOAD View Post
    Man, sorry to hear that Mooselini. But you are O.K. yes? I mean that's the best thing, no?
    Indeed. No body was hurt in the incident and that is what is most important.

    Just a little shook up though. We live in a nicer neighborhood. The guy who lives a few houses away got robbed. And a few more cars were broken into. So it's got everybody stressing out.

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    Re: Had my car window smashed...

    Sorry to hear that Mooselini. It sucks I know, I too was a victim of my car window being smashed in this past summer. I was @ my gym & had left my gym bag on the back seat with my wallet in it (something I never do) & actually had $400 cash. Needless to say some scum decided he had the opportunity in front of him and took it. Broke the back passenger window out of my 4 month old Avalanche. Came out to see that and just got sick of the thought I gave them the chance cuz I always preach out of sight out of mind.
    The police came & took the report & let me know that gym parking lots & movie theater parking lots are notorious for car break-ins, because the victim is known to be gone for a min. of an hour & if all is clear they snag what ever they can. So be wiser than me & keep all your valuables out of sight.

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    Re: Had my car window smashed...

    sorry to hear bout that glad it wasnt in your home tho,someone might have got hurt or killed..

    do you know they were Methheads or is that a guess?

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: Had my car window smashed...

    So sorry to hear that Moose. Stay safe buddy.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Had my car window smashed...

    Well according to cops it's most likely meth addicts. It wasn't too long ago when a bunch of meth addicts got a neighborhood about 20 minutes ago. They got 17 cars in a three day span.

    And I am glad that it wasn't my house. The man who lived down the street who was robbed only got money stolen. No jewelry, no computers or TV. Just a big jar of money.

    Stay safe to the Clan Ram also.

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