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    Happy birthday to Dez!

    Today, the guy who founded ClanRam and started this website for us is celebrating his birthday. Chances are he's planning on hopping on his bike and taking a ride through the Scottish countryside. Then again, he might just grab a shot glass and a bottle of single malt....

    Happy birthday from me, Tawn, Sami, and Yakira!

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Happy birthday to Dez!

    Man I've been knowon to drink Scots, Irish and Brits under the table! Bring in On! lol Happy B -Dayand hope you had a great b-day...

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    Re: Happy birthday to Dez!

    YouTube - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dez!

    EDIT: This is so silly that I had to share.

    YouTube - You're the birthday boy or girl!
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