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    Smile Happy Thanksgiving

    Some things I am thankful for:
    Health of family
    ClanRam- A place to discuss the ups and downs of the season.

    Recently I took one of my kids and we went and worked at a food pantry in my area. It was a great experience for those of you that may not know what a food pantry is its a place where people that have been laid off or are just struggling to provide food for their families can go and get food for their family. The Boy Scouts have an annual food drive called scouting for food that they put on and they go around to all the houses in the neighborhoods and drop off bags one weekend then they return the next weekend to pick up the bags after people put non perishable food in the bags such as canned foods. The food pantry I worked at said they had 30,000 pieces of food come in last year and I believe they exceeded that this year. The St. Louis area came up with 2 million items of food this year. The food pantry workers are all volunteers and they are really important to those families that fall on tough times. Working at the food pantry I was at during the food drive was a great experience we had probably close to 25 volunteers. We had what looked like an assembly line going we had people bring food in the doors, people marking bar codes (so they could not be returned for money), people separating the food into boxes by categories, people replacing the boxes as they got full, and people putting the full boxes into storage. I guess the main thing to take away is we can all make a difference if we donate some of our time and we will all feel good for doing so. I encourage everyone to donate some time to such causes.

    Sorry so long I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and try to enjoy time this holiday with the people you care about.
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Nice post Guy,and I agree about the orders of things to be thankful for.May you and your Family have a great Thanksgiving.

    I've been listening to some things going on in The big easy,Alot of pouring out.People are just amassing food drive all over the place and sending down to the Hurricane ravaged people.

    Thank God for America.And God Bless.


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