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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Very nicely done, BRM. Nice indeed!

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    I'm in a hotel with a huge party going on in the next room. I would like to thank BRM and his wife for having us, we had a ball.

    I should never have told red to go watch TV, as I seriously had to peal 20 pounds of potatoes. (You should have warned me big guy). Reds wife Becky goe's all out, but 20 pounds of taters calls for a intervention.

    Red surprised us with Irish Brigade T-Shirts the second we arrived.

    Although I played many positions in our street football game, we had a ball. As you can see I have the stance of a awsome receiver, while being the QB at the same time.

    Bryce did an outstanding job at her defense position, (She takes after her mommy).

    I however did receive a concussion from red, but I am fine. I think I am , but will be undergoing nero tests in the morning.

    We had a great time Red, however you should invite the team next year, as your wife could easily feed them.

    Thanks for not giving me a heads us as you high tailed it out of the kitchen.

    P.J. and Bryce had a ball.
    She loves her Uncle squishy also.

    Thanks for the T-shirts and all your love. (Except the potato part.)

    I think Jerry is still giving birth to them.
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Glad you had a good time...oh and that was me next door at the hotel trying to listen through the wall...just ask Jack and Lynne!

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Oh, so you got to hear Jer give birth to those tators?

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
    It's a little early, but so what ...

    I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family, friends, dogs, cats, loved ones of all sorts ...

    Remember to be thankful for everything we have, as everyone has something. You know, we have crappy football here in St. Louis right now, but it is football nonetheless ...

    Eat heartily and lets hope we can squeak out a victory this weekend. It looks like we might have some of our big boys back, so there's always a little hope ...

    Anyway, everybody have a great day! And on that note, let's all go get a little fatter!
    I hope everyone did have a good thanksgiving with lots of food and friends and family around. There was lots of football on and I was kind of happy to see that there is a worse team out there than the Rams.

    Thank you Lions.

    I went down to NC and was at my sister's in laws for Turkey day. I asked her father in law which team he liked and he said he had no team right now, but St Louis was his town. I smiled and felt his pain.

    I hope y'all had a good holiday and gave thanks for the good things in life.

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Renee. Thank goodness the Rams weren't subjected to a turkey day massacre on national television like those that lost Thursday.

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