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    Re: Has Anyone Had Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

    it hurts when the doctors mess up. but hey have fun

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    Re: Has Anyone Had Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

    Quote Originally Posted by SFCRamFan
    I have to admit, I had mine done at a younger age. However, it did show a remarkable improvement over what I had been experiencing before the surgery. I did quite a bit of physical therapy to avoid the scar tissue. Of course, I only did the therapy that my physical therapist told me to do. Some exercises that are done for other knee procedures are not good for knee replacement. She may have to get the knee scoped to remove some of the scar tissue. My aunt had both of her knees done at age 50. One knee did great and the other did not do well at all.

    The only thing that I can suggest is continued stretching exercises; no matter how much that it hurts. In fact, a physical therapist can help in doing it the correct way. I remember having to lay there while the therapist literally bent my knee against my wishes beyond what I thought that it could or should go. He told me that it was to break loose any scar tissue. Maybe that is what your wife needs. Once that scar tissue sets in it could prevent full knee movement. I do not know if or how much therapy that she has done, but this might be a good way to get some range of motion back.

    I hope that this helps...

    PS Sorry for hijacking your thread with this RamsBruce...just trying to help a fellow Clan member...
    That's ok SFC, it was interesting reading for me. Who knows one day I will probably need a knee replacement.

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    Re: Has Anyone Had Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

    SFC - thanks. (You know, if you're going to ask someone a question, at least check back before a week).

    She does therapy, (with a therapist), three times a week, and I take her in the pool for 45 mnutes every day. We suspect that not getting the "knee-bending" machine for twelve days after coming home fromn the hospital may have allowed the scar tissue to build up.

    We're still pissed at the Doctor ('s office), for not getting that to us sooner.

    Funny enough, since I posted , she had a mini breakthrough - the therapist definately felt something break loose last week, and her knee bent to 89 degrees from a previous high of 80.

    We're hangin' in there. (Easy for ME to say!)

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