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    head lice

    Any home remedies for head lice on little kids? returned home from my friends funeral, my parents kept the kids alive and the house in once piece, but my 4 year old has head lice.

    We have used special shampoo, washed everything in hot water, bagged the stuffed animals for a week. used oil on her head on and off. combed her hair out with vinegar.

    what else do you guys have in mind.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: head lice

    I think they have a Special Shampoo for it. I heard it smells but have never had it so don't know first hand. But check your local saloon.

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    Re: head lice

    Cedar oil the fragrant kind.You can find it online and its a product that comes out of Texas.One of our clannies could find some for you G.C.

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    Re: head lice

    My daughter got this 3 years ago from school. The shampoo did not work!!!

    Only thing that worked was taking olive oil and pouring it over her head and working it in, then put a shower cap on and sleep on it over not. Sounds gross, but it worked. This apparently suffocates them. This came recommended by our doctor and was a hell of a lot cheaper then all the treatment crap.

    BIG NOTE: You muse pick out all the eggs twice a day religiously. Missing any will cause a re-infestation.

    Good luck GC. Those little things can be a pain to get rid of!!

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    Re: head lice

    When I was a kid, you never heard about head lice. Now, they're everywhere.

    Sami came home from school once with a note. She had "hair bugs" as she called them. I asked her doctor (easy to do since I work at the same hospital) and Leta said to do this:

    1. Wash hair normally.
    2. Use a good conditioner and put it on really thick, leave it on for a long time. This keeps the child from having to have her hair pulled during the next few steps, and can kill off some of the lice, too.
    3. Use a "flea comb" (metal combs sold for pets.) This removes a lot of the nits and more lice.
    4. Do not rinse out conditioner.
    5. Use mayonnaise (I can't stand the smell of it!) and load it on!
    6. Put on a shower cap. Leave for several hours.
    7. Dampen hair enough to run the flea comb thru. Make sure you rinse comb every time!
    8. Rinse hair thoroughly.
    9. Liberally apply baby oil or olive oil. Cover every inch of hair and scalp. Put the washed and rinsed shower cap back on. Leave on overnight.
    10. Wash EVERYTHING in hot water!!! Stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, etc. If it's too big to wash, spray the crap out of it with lice killer or equivalent...this means chairs, couches, car seats, etc. Don't forget to do carpets, too. A good place to find something would be a "farm store". Just read and make sure the contents are safe for humans!!!!
    11. The next morning, spend a long time washing and rinsing her hair. It will be oily even after a couple of shampoos. Use a hair dryer to make sure the little buggers are dead - they hate heat!
    12. Examine her head with a bright light. We used my Maglight and a cheap pair of reading glasses we got at Dollar General, about $5, just to be sure we could see well.
    13. Everyone in the house has got to be treated the same way. If even one of those things ended up crawling onto another person it could end up starting it all over again.

    Good luck. Head lice are harder to get rid of than body fat.


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    Re: head lice

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith

    BIG NOTE: You muse pick out all the eggs twice a day religiously. Missing any will cause a re-infestation.

    Picking out the eggs is REALLY big. Flea combs are helpful. However, don't trust that just using the comb will get everything. You've got to use your eyes. Look all the way from the end of the hairs to the scalp.

    Don't worry, you'll get through it.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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